1. Papa Romano

    1997 GSI bogging issue

    Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out this issue for a while and finally decided to join the forum because I’m about to give up. I apologize for the long post in advance but I want to provide as much info as I can to avoid guesswork. I have a 1997 GSI and 1997 GTI. They both have the same 717...
  2. E

    Seadoo SPX 717 Mikuni BN46 and Pip

    Hey guys, i bought a Seadoo SPX 1996 with 717 Rotax engine and dual Mikuni 46mm carbs and i am planning to install an APE pipe. Now i need to clean the carbs and install a new gasket kit. What kind of jetting do you suggest for me to start? I am new to this
  3. J

    No fuel pressure :(

    Hey guys, picked up a 98 GTI from a buddy for the low price of free. Overall in good shape and after replacing the CDI and some exhaust parts, I have yet to get it in proper running order. I seem to be lacking vacuum in the fuel system. After cleaning the carb thoroughly and verifying all fuel...
  4. S

    1996 seadoo spx 717 cant get top end rpms

    Hey all, I have a 1996 seadoo spx that I picked up off a guy in nom start condition. Replaced the cdi box causing a no spark condition/ replaced the plug wires/caps. Took carbs out and cleaned out the filters/any crud. Replaced all fuel lines with ss clamps. Cleaned out fuel selector valve. 150...
  5. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Power At All

    95 717 XP will not power on at all, completely dark when pressing non DESS post and start button Key post has continuity when pressed Engine turns over when shorting solenoid Replaced MPEM, solenoid, stator, and rectifier to no avail Fuses are good
  6. C

    717 single carb oil injection pump lever installation

    Upon removing the carb from my 2002 GTI LE I noticed the return spring was no longer attached to the oil pump lever arm. I removed the pump lever arm and reattached the spring however the return spring is not returning the lever arm fully when the throttle is released. The arm returns about...
  7. Bowser

    Rotax 717 720 Rotary Valve Cover & Oil Injector Assembly

    eBay item number: 125463971734 SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Rotax Rotary Valve Cover & Oil Injector Assembly Assembly condition: good Oil Pump Flanged P/N: 290 810 781 Rotary Valve Cover P/N: 290 810 528 Oil Pump Assembly P/N: 290 996 725 Original O-ring condition fair. P/N: 293 300 023 Mounting...
  8. G

    95 xp 717 bogging off idle. Rich or lean?

    Hello all, I have a 95 xp that's stumping me and would like some input please. I bought the ski blown up and decided to buy a good, used engine on ebay. (150psi). It starts and idles nice and smooth, But bogs on acceleration. It does pull out of it eventually but one quick pull of the choke and...
  9. Bowser

    FOR SALE SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly

    SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly Assembly condition: good Oil Pump Flanged P/N: 290 810 781 Rotary Valve Cover P/N: 290 810 528 Oil Pump Assembly P/N: 290 996 725 Original O-ring condition fair. P/N: 293 300 023 Mounting Screws condition: very good, new stainless steel lock washers...
  10. T

    717 Motor wont turn over

    Just got a super cheap 96 SPX. Story is it was sitting for 20 years....however, it cranked right over wheb I picked it up. Compression was good 147 and 150. So, I did fuel lines, cleaned carbs, etc. Was cranking earlier today. However, once I was ready to try and start it, it locked up. I...
  11. CreekerMike

    Broken E Box Mounts

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is fairing well through the covid and the cold weather! Now to my question. Is there any known fix or good solution for repairing the small tabs on the back of the e box that lock it into the mounting tray? Overtime they seem to become brittle and in hard riding I've...
  12. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 weird oil leak

    Greetings and salutations to all. I got my factory piped 720 assembled and installed this past weekend. I dont have the necessary carbs yet however so its not 100%. I fired it a few times on starting fluid to show some of my buddies. Sadly I saw oil in the hull (this was after an engine out...
  13. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 Factory Pipe Water Injection

    Greetings and salutations to all. I recently acquired two factory pipes for the 717/720. Planning on running one on my 95 XP project. Im pretty confident with the jetting/carb setup. But im a little fuzzy on the water injection setup. I have two manifolds. One has the ecwi solenoid and the...
  14. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Crank No Start odd circumstances

    95 XP does not crank with start button, dash turns on and then turns off It DOES crank by shorting solenoid, and also DOES crank on its own (only for a second) when key is attached, and only when grounding the MPEM to the stator for the first time, otherwise the stator connector must be...
  15. T

    Compression Question

    Hello, I am new to the forum and to the Seadoo world. A buddy and I bought a 93 and 94 Xp this spring and his was running sluggish so I thought I would do a compression test. The 94 with the 657 engine is running at 125psi and is sluggish, can get up to speed but not very quickly. On the other...
  16. Czvas

    2004 GTI 717 single carb adjustments

    Hey everyone, I have a 2004 GTI 717 and I’m looking to make sure the high and low are set properly. The carb has these brass looking caps so I can’t get to the low and high. Are they under these caps and then able to adjust with a flat head? How do you remove the caps? My problem is it has no...
  17. A

    1996 GTI no beep no start

    Hey everybody, I got a 1996 GTI at the beginning of the summer and it ran great all summer and then I went to take it out during Memorial Day weekend and it does not beep when I put the key on the post and doesn’t even crank over or even click. Battery is fairly new I got it less than 2 months...
  18. CrazyJoe

    After Market Mpem's Info.

    I read many forum's but once people fix their issues they don't follow up on it worked out or any details on any other issues they worked out. So I am sharing my experience . My issue when I bought a used 1996 sea-doo GTI 717 5865 . I own a lakehouse so I have a advantage of trial and error...
  19. Aaron787gsx

    01 sea doo gti 717 at full throttle rides fine after a couple of minutes will start to bog down and shut off

    Hey everyone my wife was out on our sea doo gti and was riding it and out of no where it would shut off almost like it was not getting the right amount of fuel. Since then I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel lines just curious if anyone knew what it might be there was no change after...
  20. Hankst3r

    717 totally dry

    I have a 717 that has not been ran in years, and i have all new dry lines, a fully empty bone dry gas tank, and oil tank with nothing in it. what all do i need to do in order to get the right juices in the right locations? and will the crankcase oil make its way back to the reservoir by itself...