95 XP 717 No Crank No Start odd circumstances

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95 XP does not crank with start button, dash turns on and then turns off

It DOES crank by shorting solenoid, and also DOES crank on its own (only for a second) when key is attached, and only when grounding the MPEM to the stator for the first time, otherwise the stator connector must be disconnected and reconnected to repeat the crank.

Gas light remains on, and temp light flashes twice when attaching the key

VTS system has been disconnected from MPEM by disconnecting the red wire and ground coming from the VTS module, including it's fuse that goes to the solenoid

My beeper does not work in general sorry no beep codes to share

Please watch this video demonstrating this unique problem-

Sounds like the pmem is shorted internally,,,the ski should not start on its own...
I have 3 MPEMS, all 3 are new (to me), the original I replaced about a year ago (a used OEM) once this happened I replaced it with another used OEM, same problem, then replaced with an aftermarket MPEM to see if I was just getting short strawed
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