no crank

  1. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Power At All

    95 717 XP will not power on at all, completely dark when pressing non DESS post and start button Key post has continuity when pressed Engine turns over when shorting solenoid Replaced MPEM, solenoid, stator, and rectifier to no avail Fuses are good
  2. S

    1996 seadoo gti no beep no crank

    I have a 1996 seadoo gti 717, i get no beeps when key is on post, no crank, no start no spark. Checked and replaced the harness. If i hit the start button once the oil light comes on for 33 seconds but no beeps. Replaced mpem with aftermarket no dess mpem and still no beeps and no crank. Tested...
  3. S

    01 seadoo 951 di,no start,no crank

    Hi everyone,this is my first time reaching out for help online,I’m mechanically inclined but this on has me stumped, I have a 2001 seadoo gtx 951 was working fine for a good days ride then after a day of sitting it wouldn’t start,I’m getting the two beeps when putting tether cord on,dash...
  4. PolarCelsius

    95 XP 717 No Crank No Start odd circumstances

    95 XP does not crank with start button, dash turns on and then turns off It DOES crank by shorting solenoid, and also DOES crank on its own (only for a second) when key is attached, and only when grounding the MPEM to the stator for the first time, otherwise the stator connector must be...
  5. PolarCelsius


    Last time out on the water, when I would turn off the engine, intermittently upon putting the key back on the high temp LED would flash a few times, then whole info dash would turn off... take out key and try again, eventually it would just work as normal. Now it seems to be indefinite. Will not...
  6. C

    No Crank No Nothing 1990 SP580

    Hello. I’ve got a 1990 Sea doo SP580. I am unable to get it to turn crank with the starter button and tether switch button. But when I do the screwdriver thing to the selenoid it runs. When I press down on the tether switch and starter switch nothing happenes. No clicking or anything. I’ve...
  7. Chr1sfrench

    rotax 787 will not crank with plugs in

    Ok here is my problem im rebuilding a 787 from the ground up and i can not get it to turn over with the plugs in. It cranks easy by hand and easily with no plugs in. I know its not hydro locked bc i just put a new crank in. the motor is currently sitting in the hull not connected to the...
  8. A

    2002 GTX 4 - TEC will not crank over

    The above mentioned ski will not crank over after replacing the pump bearings and drive shaft. I have tested the following from guidance from the shop manual. 1. The battery has been charged and reads 12.67 volts. 2. The battery terminals have been cleaned. 3. The starter relay checks out...
  9. X

    My seadoo wont start HELPP

    ok i have a 2000 seadoo gtx millenium edition fuel injected and it started fine had no problem then the next day i was cleaning the inside it was really dirty from other owner and i try to start it it worked for 5 secs and shut off and it sayed hi temp and then i try to start again and it wont...