No Start MPEM fault?


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I have a 1997 Sea Doo XP that is dead when the Stop Start Button is pressed nothing happens. I have a known good Battery and have Battery Voltage at the 5 amp fuse on the MPEM (which doesn't blow as it wont crank) Red Power wires have Battery Voltage however the Yellow and Red Stop Start Button Wire only has 11.8 volts Traced back to Connector 1 pin 22 if I remember correctly. It only has 11.8 volts coming out of the MPEM Pin has anyone got a known fix for this? I know about the Diode issue but that normally blows the fuse? Both sides of that fuse have Battery Voltage.


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Thanks for your reply....its 11.8 volts before it gets to the Start Stop Button. Button definitely ok.
had the mpem on my spx go bad in a way that made it constantly send the signal to the solenoid to close. So, the second I would touch the ground wire from the starter to the negative post on the battery it was engage and start spinning. And even touching the small ground wire for the electrics would cause the solenoid to click.
Sorry I was thinking of the wiring of something else.
But I remember the voltage on mine being just under 12 going to the solenoid and it was closing. I’ll check tomorrow or the next day