95 xp 717 bogging off idle. Rich or lean?

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Hello all, I have a 95 xp that's stumping me and would like some input please. I bought the ski blown up and decided to buy a good, used engine on ebay. (150psi).
It starts and idles nice and smooth, But bogs on acceleration. It does pull out of it eventually but one quick pull of the choke and it takes off and runs out great. plugs are a glossy greyish, I would think its drowning in gas but yet needs choke acting like it's lean...

replaced all tempo and oil lines. I went through the carbs with genuine mikuni parts including 1.2 n/s and 95g pop off spring (45-48psi). bigger 137 mains from the previous owner, stock is 135. stock 67.5 pilot. 1.5 turns on slow speed, 0 on high.
Also I do have a slight leak in the fuel pump check valves.. hmm. I have new ones on the way

Any input, comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks!


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Uou fuel depravation,,,and the fuel pump check valves cannot leak or it will lean bog down,
Ok sounds good, I will install new check valves and go from there. Thanks!
Just got back from the water, the check valves did seal better and the ski had better hole shot. But now the bog moved to half to full throttle. Choke kills it now so I'm moving in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated
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