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    97 Sea-Doo GSX with very quick battery drain

    Hi, I recently bought a 1997 Sea-Doo GSX. It didn't run and had been sitting for a while. We put on a new starter and a new battery and got it to start for a bit. About a week later we went back to it and it wouldn't start. Tracked the problem down to a bad ignition coil. While we were at it, we...
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    2014 Sea doo gtr 215 won’t start or read key

    The watercraft have worked with no problem until yeasterday, the engine cut off in the middel of the ocean and it was not possible to read the key, because the screen truned off. It would only read the key if the start botton was pressed, and then the screen turn off again. After some time it...
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    Seadoo 1996 GSX 781 wont turn over with plugs in

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and Seadoo PWCs. I have just bought my first ever seadoo ski, a 1996 GSX. (781cc) Its been converted to pre-mix, had an engine rebuild roughly 30 hours ago but been stood for 2 years since. It has a good spark and compression but when trying to turn it...
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    New to the Doo: 1993 GTX Problem

    Hey Everyone! I'm totally new to the pwc world, and happy to be in it! Just purchased my first jet ski, a 1993 GTX, about two months ago. I got a great deal and have been so satisfied but ran into a problem while riding it yesterday. The safety key that went on it, before DESS, was loose...
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    Help! 2000 Seadoo GTX wont turn over after running for a while

    Life was good a couple weeks ago, and then suddenly NOT. Story goes - bought a used 2000 Seadoo GTX a couple weeks ago.... ran good. First thing I did was buy a new battery. 4 days ago "12 Volt maintenance" came on and I lost throttle power after riding for 10mins. After hours of Google and...
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    99 Seadoo GSX won't start - locked up engine?

    Hello all, The story: I bought it used for $800 with a trailer. It has 90 hrs on it. They mentioned the only problem was that it blinks 12v low then dies. So I took it home, got a new battery and replaced the plugs. Started right up! So I took it to the lake, paddle on hand and took it for...
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    4-Tec Can't keep running

    New to forum and pwc. 2nd year of 2007 4-Tec model. To start year changed oil and filter with no apparent problems. Started up for a few seconds before putting in water and seemed to run fine. Put in water, started fine, then quit. I changed the the two fuel filters with no change(no small...
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    New Member saying Howdy

    Just wanted to say Hi. Just purchased a couple 1999 Seadoo GTS PWCs that are in pretty good shape except I cannot get one to run and the one that does run did not have a working fuel gauge. Thanks to this forum and Youtube I was able to fix the fuel gauge and I believe I have a good idea on...
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    2005 Utopia 205 won't crank

    I've searched this forum and asked Mr. Google, but found nothing that resembles this issue, so forgive me if I missed this being asked and answered. I have a 2005 Utopia 205 witha an Optimax 250HP engine that suddenly won't crank. It had run just fine with not so much as a hint of a starting...
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    1996 Seadoo XP won't start, turn over, nothing

    I recently purchased a 1996 seadoo XP and when I first bought it the fuel pickup and steering cable were not functional so I replaced both of those no problem. Now I got a new battery charged it up plugged it in and when I inserted the key to the ski I got 2 beeps. That was great accept when...
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    2004 Seadoo GTI RFI

    Howdy, I have an '04 GTI RFI that ran great, parked it on shore and went back to start it and when I attached lanyard I got a variety of beeps and then nothing except for a click on the ignitiion relay. Each time I put the lanyard on, it (ignition relay) clicks one time then nothing else...
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    SeaDoo Utopia - electrical issue

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Utopia 185. Had an issue starting recently. No power at all. It had sat for two weeks so I expected it to be the battery. Took the battery out, charged overnight. Put it back in. At first, fan worked but engine still didn't even try to turn over. Made sure it's properly in...
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    1989 Bombardier, Wont start.. Read forums, went through basics and nothing.

    I picked this old doo off of craigslist with the intention to tinker and see if i could get it going again... I havent been twiddling my thumbs, i'll run you through what I've accomplished already. First and foremost I emptied the gas tank and the oil tank and refilled with new gas/oil. I...
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    2007 RXT won't start, beeps, click, buzz

    I hope you experienced guys can help. After changing oil, filter, coolant, plugs, and charging 1-year old battery, it just clicks. Starter not turning. Beeps OK. Gauges readout OK. It says MAINT and compass direction back and forth. Main relay buzzes. It started fine just before and...
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    50 dollar tow. Islandia 250 opti no fuel to rail please help!

    Hi fellow merc owners. 2nd time in my islandias life that it's been towed. Last was due to a broken belt. This time it is fuel starvation. When I squeeze the strader valve out comes air. From the compressor but no fuel? I removed the spin on and drained it No water in it. I turn key...
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    2005 Challenger 180 Neutral Switch Starting Issue

    Had problem with C180SE not starting. Members of this forum suggested bypassing the neutral safety switch, which I did. Now the engine will crank but won't start. Is there a safety circuit which prohibits bypassing the neutral switch?
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    97 GTX Wont Start

    I have a 97 GTX that won't start I have a new battery, new starter solenoid, new plugs, all fuses are fine. I have weak spark (tested with a spark tester light) and have no beeps even if I push the starter button 5 times w/o the "key" not in place. It will crank until the compression builds but...
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    1997 seadoo xp won't start, will start, backfires

    Hey guys, not sure how to create a new thread yet but I hope you can help me!! I have a 1997 seadoo xp (787 engine). I had it out on the lake once this year, tipped it after a long day and it stopped running... took it home dried it out, took the whole top half of the engine apart and replaced...
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    2001 GTI - Beeps, start button tested fine, jump starter works, won't crank

    2001 SeaDoo GTI with 718 engine. I can't get the starter to crank using the start button. When the key goes in you get the chirp. I used a electrical tester and opened up where the starter solenoid is located, and the starter button shows it is working correctly. I replaced the solenoid as a...
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    1996 Seadoo XP won't crank/start

    I was riding my xp for a few hours riding good and strong. it all of sudden just shut off without any warning. filled it up with gas and 2 cycle oil. Only makes a beep and click. any advice please?