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  1. Cheflen

    94 speedster possible fuel delivery problem

    Took the “New” speedster for its first water test today and the starboard side motor ran perfectly but the port motor would die out at times and not really rev up easily, pulling the choke would help at times and other times it wouldn’t. I took it home and pulled the carbs apart and checked...
  2. MPDano

    1995 Speedster Twin Jet tube question

    Hello all, Got a new to me 95. I pulled the Jet and driveshaft to replace some seals, etc and to service the pump oil. I noticed there is only 1 tube coming from my Jet housing and I see other ones with 3 tubes. The mounting plate also only has 1 hole for the tube. Is this normal for this...
  3. MPDano

    1995 Speedster Twin Jet tube question

    Hello all, Got a new to me 95. I pulled the Jet and driveshaft to replace some seals, etc and to service the pump oil. I noticed there is only 1 tube coming from my Jet housing and I see other ones with 3 tubes. The mounting plate also only has 1 hole for the tube. Is this normal for this...
  4. phinchcliff

    FOR SALE Never Used SBT Reman 657x Motor and Assembly Parts

    Motor was supposed to go into a 95 Speedster and all the assembly parts were taken from the boat. The reman core has never been started and was purchased with the SBT complete gasket kit and break-in oil that will come with it. Still have all original purchase reciepts as well, however, the core...
  5. M

    1995 Speedster not getting power to ignition relays

    I bought a 95 Speedster a while back and got it running. Now after it not using over winter, it is not doing anything when I press either starter button. When I got the boat I noticed that it had a common problem of one of the MPEM fuses constantly blowing, but both motors would crank fine. One...
  6. D

    BRAND NEW 98-2001 Speedster SEATS!!

    I know everyone has been complaining, including myself about the seats on the 98-2001 speedsters with no real replacement.... until now! Check out the Brand New 1998-2001 Seadoo Speedster Seats for my 98 Speedster! No more cracked / faded / embarrassing seats! What do you guys think???? More...
  7. drizzie88

    1997 Speedster exterior mats

    Happy New Year everyone. Quick question... I'm looking at buying a set of mats for my speedster. I noticed the engine cover is different on the 1996 Speedster vs the 1997 Speedster and the mats are different. The 1997 mats do not have the large pieces that cover the sides of the cover like the...
  8. alexander15

    FOR SALE 1996 sea-doo speedster jet boat

    $5500. 1996 seadoo speedster jet boat well maintained. first off it has 257hrs on the ecu engines run time log checked by watercraft direct in costa mesa. this model came with dual 717 rotaxengines. with that your getting 718 cc's getting you 170hp. the upholestry is perfect and new. two new...
  9. 02PSU

    Seadoo Speedster 240 EFI Excessive smoke at Idle - Multiple fixes applied already

    First off, I would like to thank everyone on this forum as I have done a ton of trial and error after reading the available posts/threads on this exact topic. I have a 2001 seadoo speedster with 240 EFI. The oil tank is on the port side of the engine if that helps determine which engine version...
  10. makaveli

    05 SeaDoo Speedster 200 One Engine Revs but does nowhere - Please Help

    Hi Everyone, 05 Speedster 200 (Supercharged Twin Engine). My Right side engine revs up and will barely move the boat as of today. It will rev ALL the way up with normal throttle. Also I see a bit of oil coming from an area shown in photos. Any suggestions? I know essentially nothing about jet...
  11. F

    1998 SeaDoo Speedster

    $4500 OBO 1998 SeaDoo Speedster Jet Boat w/ Trailer. 16’ twin engine (2 stroke Rotax 787) totaling 220HP. Mechanically a sound boat, both engines start right up and run just fine. Port Engine: When I purchased this boat the port engine was inoperable. I did a full rebuild on both of the...
  12. A

    Potential Owner Concerns! Please shed some light! Speedster 1999?

    Hi Everyone, I live in Colombia (South America) and was recently offered this Jet Boat. I am looking for a trailerable boat to be used in lakes and rivers at high altitude (2,600 meters or 8,500 feet above sea level) They are very hard to come by as they were not readily available so that is...
  13. Gordo

    Speedster 150 Neutral Override Switch for Fogging

    I am posting this for those that do their own engine winterizing and find it is a pain to hold the mechanical throttle to WOT when it is time to fog the engine. That was exactly my scenario this weekend, my 2010 Speedster is tucked into the corner of my garage and getting access to the...
  14. V

    What carburator do i order!?!?!?

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Speedster with twin rotax motors. I have no clue what motor size they are, or what carbs to get. There are dual carbs on both motors. I need to replace the passanger side carbs. Are these 787, 717, 720...? Help me please lol. I need to know the correct carb size for mag and...
  15. V

    1998 Seadoo Speedster

    98 speedster with twin rotax. Starboard side motor runs fine. Port side will crank amd try to start, but as soon as it does, it cuts off. Pulled the carbs and cleaned them. It has sat for a while. Didn't have the best fuel in it on the last run either... Don't want to buy new carbs if i dont...
  16. Gordo

    winterizing exhaust system for speedster 150

    I am preparing to winterize my 2010 speedster 150 with the non SC , a 155 4 tec . I see in the manual that they suggest using shop air to get the water out of the exhaust system. I wonder how is it that when flushing the exhaust with a hose and water the engine needs to be running but when...
  17. BigFord

    2002 Speedster Lt blowing 5amp Fuse on MPEM TWIN ROTAX

    How are you guys, I'm desperate need of a service manual for 2002 Speedster Lt, and need the location of the MR2535 diode on MPEM, just bought the boat as a progect, having a hard time finding info on the MPEM the boat has twin Rotax engines,
  18. R

    In need of a 2008 Speedster 150 Port Armrest! - Buying

    I lost my port side arm rest going out onto cayuga lake in new york. I've looked all over the internet and nobody sells the part anymore. Was wondering if anybody was selling one here or knew anyone that was selling one. The 2009 also fits, the part number is 204614432. Thank you in advance! -R.H
  19. YellowSeadoo2003

    Want to buy a 2010 2011 2012 Sea-Doo 150 Speedster

    Anyone selling their 2010 to 2012 Speedster 150?
  20. gday

    2012 speedster 150 speakers - looking for help

    I'm looking to upgrade my 2012 speedster 150 Jensen ms6007S speakers. In reading through the various threads on this subject, I see that various folks have replaced the factory speakers with either: Exile SX65M Wet Sounds SW-650 B POLK MM651UM speakers. There is talk about fitment issues with...