1. C

    Speedometer is spotty

    So yesterday I took out my 01 seadoo gtx. That was the first time it’s been out in two years. It ran great but sometimes the speedometer would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. I know on the speed sensor the wheel would spin. It seemed like every time the sensor was at the top of the water...
  2. 2

    mids for 2008 130 gti

    hi, does anyone have recommended performance mods for a 2008 gti 130, wanting good price for good benefit, and just good all round mods than can benefit most stats
  3. hockeymd

    GTR lost top speed

    My 2017 GTR 230 lost 20mph off the top speed from last year. I purchased the 2017 GTR 230 used last year. Ran great in the Summer and hit 65mph before I put it on the trailer last Fall. I had the local dealer winterize it. I removed and stored the battery inside the house (I don't like to...
  4. Woodsy15

    Speed Sensor wheel on 05' Challenger 180 or speedo adjustment?

    Hey, getting near the end of season so don't know if I will get out to test this more or not before spring. The Speedo on my 05 Challenger is off reporting -12 mph (boat going 43 mph on GPS, speedo reads 28-29) Found a long lost Technical bulletin on another forum that shows on the back of the...
  5. cmoore15559

    Spark tops out at 40mph at 8k rpm

    Don’t know what’s going on here with my 17 spark trixx here’s some back ground. I just had the top off ran great the first two time out. The next time it was really rough ran at 41 all day(wasn’t expecting much Because of how rough it was). Last time it was calm still only got 41mph out of it...
  6. G

    2002 islandia speed issues with 1000lbs people

    Hi guys new to the forum got A question for you guys the islandia runs great with around 900lbs (persons). If I add another 200 lbs more it will not get up to speed the rpms will go up 6000+ but it will not go past 15mph. If I take them off boat runs up to around 40mph? ( my guess it’s a weight...
  7. JoanEnric

    2006 GTX 4-Tec 155 44 mph max speed

    Hi all! I would like to ask you for some help. The max speed of my 2006 GTX 155 is 44 mph at 7200 rpm. Facts: - I use the correct key, not the learning key - wear ring is new - impeller is new - sparks are also new - oil and oil filter (everything was changed in dealer this...
  8. Rsteil

    2012 seadoo challenger 210 single engine won't Rev, rpm won't max

    Hey guys, new to the forum but I've been looking through and trying to see if anyone has ran into this... Problem is kindof messing up the family vacation! Boat will launch after initial start and Rev right up to 7800-8000rpm... Then if I run flat at about 30 seconds it backs off and won't...
  9. Bigmantony

    95 seadoo speedster speed limit problem

    I have a problem with one of my engine. One seem to stop @ 6000 RPM. The other go up to 7000 RPM. I know it might be a MEM problem that could cause this. The speed limit in forward or reverse is 7000 RPM and 3500 RPM in neutral. I can test this by disconnecting the tach wire to the MEM. I like...
  10. mtrainer

    98 speedster issue

    Ok so I am out of ideas on this one. I have a 98 speedster, the twin with 220 hp. I have had all kinds of problems with this boat and now I have a new one I cant figure out. On my RH engine, the Aft cylinder is dead. I can pull the spark plug lead off of it and it will keep running, if I pull...
  11. N

    RX problems

    so I recently did a top end rebuilt on a sea doo 2000 RX I have been babying it for about 7 hours and i finally decided it was time to open up the throttle and see what it could do. To my surprise I was only able to get up to 40-42 MPG and 5,500 RPM before it bogged down back to 39-40 mph and...
  12. F

    2003 Sea Doo GTX supercharged limited won't go over 35mph

    Having a problem with my 2003 sea doo gtx not going over 35mph and 5500rpm. on land it easily revs above 5500 rpm but under load won't go above that. i just had the super charger rebuilt sounds like its starving for gas. has a low tone in the engine when in the water. could be clogged injectors...
  13. S

    SeaDoos Rotax 587

    So I have really been thinking about doing somthing "big" With my 1991 Seadoo Xp and my 1994 Seadoo SPI. My SPI has the white 587 single carb engine and my XP has the yellow 587 dual carbs. Besides putting aftermarket Exhaust, impellar, air filters, etc. What else can I really do with them? I...
  14. XARiUS

    Speed sensor anyone?

    I am in need of a speed sensor, i purchased 1 on ebay that wasnt tested, and turns it it worked sometimes when i coiled it a specific way, which i couldnt do on demand if my life depend on. So, i put the volt meter on the bilge plug and got like 10v when i connect the sensor it goes to 5.5423...
  15. nwittema

    What's slowing my 2000 GTX down?

    Hi all, My Seadoo has actually gone through the whole summer with no problems. I recently did notice that it seems/feels slower. I got the top speed via Garmin gps at 50.1mph - my speedometer does not work ( :rolleyes:). This seems slow for what I expect with the 951 engine so I did some...
  16. J

    2009 Sea Doo RXT 215 RPM and speed are not what they oughta be. Help?

    Hello all, and first, let me say thanks for some seriously funny AND informative posts. I'll try to be quick here. I am new to watercraft but have spent a lot of time working on cars. If it needs repar, I would always rather do it myself. Bought a 2009 RXT 215 that is gorgeous, 50 hours...
  17. I

    Why is the RPM correct but the seadoo is not going fast ?

    Hi evrybody (first of all, sorry if I make mistakes but I am french :)) I have a GTX DI (year 2000) that I used for several years (approx 120 hours of use). The RPM of the motor seems to be normal mais the moto is not running fast at all. When I push up the accelerator to the max, I...
  18. Q

    SEADOO GTX LIMITED iS 260 speed and range

    Hi - Newbie here with a very basic question regarding the approximate range and speed of a SEADOO GTX LIMITED iS 260 2011. Am just trying to get a rough idea. I understand that the model in question has a fuel load of 70 litres. Thanks in anticipation
  19. L

    240 Merc M2 Top Speeds

    So just curious- what kind of speeds are you getting out of this engine/pump? I have a just purchased 2000 Speedster and I seem to be about 50mph by iPhone GPS. No speedo yet, but I'm betting it will read higher. I thought these boats could hit 60?? Maybe time for a pump refresh?
  20. B

    Looking for power!!

    Hi there, So in 2003 i purchased a 2003 seadoo speedster. Over the years of storage from being away the boat has just sat until 2010. I was trying to look for an owners manual somewhere so I could do the check ups and make sure everything is running fine. I have put it on the water 6 times this...