1. E

    2003 Seadoo RXDI fuel system leak

    I have a 2003 RXDI I bought as a project. The engine was ‘rebuilt’ by PO. I took it apart to inspect it after it failed leak testing… It’s now back together… no engine leaks… I put a Quantum Fuel System, HFP 501DI fuel pump in the tank. It fires up…yea… However, it idles rough and then dies…...
  2. C

    2002 Seadoo RXDI

    Good morning, I recently purchased a new to me 2002 RXDI, the HIN is 5596, when I look on seadoo warehouse it shows a 5596 as a GTX, any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU
  3. B

    02 RXDI runs occasionally but rarely revs up

    Hello all! I bought a pair of DI skis and have been fighting one for months. My rxdi 951 WILL NOT stay running. First time I took it out ran for about 10 minutes and then bogged down and died. Limped back to shore, and found vacuum leaks and plugged injectors that were rusted. Did all filters...
  4. S

    2003 RXDI digital speedometer

    The analog speedometer is working fine but the digital speedo is erratic and reads 0 mph at times. Bouncing all over the place from 27 to 52 etc while the analog stays steady. Started out riding yesterday it wasn’t working at all then when it came to life I noticed how erratic it was reading...
  5. Czvas

    01 Seadoo RXDI fuel pump spring and adaptor

    Evening everyone. I purchased a 01 Seadoo RXDI during the winter with a no start. So I’ve checked compression, air pressure and fuel pressure and everything has led me to the fuel pump. My question is soon taking the pump apart, I realized someone’s been in here and has removed the spring and...
  6. B

    2003 seadoo rxdi running rough at idle and goes into limp mode

    I have a 2003 seadoo rxdi I have rebuilt top end and replaced many other parts finally got it going yesterday but even after it warms up it idles terrible and will even stall from time to time after like 2k rpm runs like a top then I went back to the dock to see what’s going on and took the...
  7. N

    2003 rxdi died on water won’t start

    Hey guys I’m hoping y’all can help me out with this issue I got myself into. picked up an 03 rxdi for what seemed like a decent deal. Story from the seller was that It started taking on water only when running and ran rough in the mid range. It ran great on the trailer when I picked it up...
  8. jonjul

    Engine alarm problem

    I have a 2004 SEADOO RX DI with 2t, Rotax engine. The engine starts fine and run ok with low rmp. - when i throttle it to higher rmp. it goes into emergency mode / alarm mode and error light comes on. Anyone know these engines and can give tips on where to start troubleshooting? How can a read...
  9. C

    2002 RXDI - engine locked

    A guy gave me a RXDI with a locked up engine. I can’t decide whether to try and rebuild it, part it out, or forget about it. Any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated.
  10. B

    2000 Seadoo rx di mpem smokes

    Recently bought a 2000 seadoo rx di....when I plugged everything into the mpem and replaced fuse in rear electrical box the mpem started smoking at plug 2 pin 25 and 26. The plastic on the mpem has started melting....the vts is unplugged aswell as 6 pin at stator. I have tried testing which fuse...
  11. 94samson

    2001 RXDI motor question

    Picked up a 2001 RXDI a while back and time to start working on it. The mag cylinder had no compression. Here is a couple pictures of piston: Looks like the RAVE valve fell and hit piston, do any of you see other concerns? Have been looking into prices for repairing motor. Not sure of best...
  12. M

    2002 RXDI sitting after water inhale

    Love the forum, and my first post. I recently picked up a 2002 RXDI with only 88.3 hours on it, but not running. Looks to be in fair shape for sitting in front of the guy's house for the last 10 years, after he let some friends use it and they got a rope sucked up in the impeller pulling a...
  13. C

    RXDI 2002 starting problems and dies when ideling

    Hey Guys. I'm new here and also a newb regarding 2-strokers. Just baught me a Sea-doo RXDI 2002 with only 65h and previously owned by my friend. So driving vice it has been handled gently. It has been on land for 4 years when I took it home a week ago and changed the battery and it started up...
  14. E

    2001 RX DI Flooded Engine

    Looking for advice regarding my 2001 RX DI (2 stroke). I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to big repairs and I'm hoping someone could potentially guide me in the right direction. I recently made a big mistake :facepalm: and left the rear drain plugs open while my seadoo was in the water...
  15. Phil-UK

    Seadoo RXDI Rave Valves - Is this normal?

    Hi all, My first post on this forum :thumbsup: Just pulled the rave valves on my 2001 Seadoo RXDI (130 hours) to give them a clean up and although I was expecting some carbon build up (there was lots) I was surprised to find them dripping with thick black oil (see pics), is this normal? Not...
  16. M

    2003 rxdi pipe overheating

    Ok guys, I have an interesting problem. I think I know whats wrong, but sure would like a second opinion. The RX was running just fine, I just happened to catch a slight burning smell when it came in for a rider change. I popped the seat and the lower pipe was smoking, started to melt the rubber...
  17. B

    2001 RXDI Parts

    Parted out a RXDI at the end of last year. Have the Motor, Hood, Seat, pump and more left.
  18. M

    2001 RX DI multiple small issues. Follow up

    This post is a follow up from the original post from some time ago. I have been busy. search my earlier post as it was closed. I replaced the MPEM, No joy. BTW have one for sale. PM me if interested. Replaced the voltage regulator, again No joy. Replaced the sensor a third time and No...
  19. U

    Heavy Guy on a Seadoo RX DI?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum and thank you for all your replies in advance. My family has been looking into buying a jet ski and has decided that this spring we will. I have been looking around on Craigslist and have found a 2002 Seadoo RX DI in beautiful shape. It has 175...
  20. S

    2000 Seadoo rxDI 951 Millennium Edition

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a rxDI 951 and absolutely love it such a good ski to ride ! although when i was out on my first ride eveyrthing was going great until i was comming back to the ramp, i was at full trim full throttle and all of a sudden it just died, it felt like someone pulled the...