02 RXDI runs occasionally but rarely revs up

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Hello all! I bought a pair of DI skis and have been fighting one for months. My rxdi 951 WILL NOT stay running. First time I took it out ran for about 10 minutes and then bogged down and died. Limped back to shore, and found vacuum leaks and plugged injectors that were rusted. Did all filters, rail, and fuel injectors. Played with dess switch to over prime fuel system and it ran for a little, which made me think pump issues. Tested pressure, over 100 psi when it runs. Found that power was being cut while running, played with dess and noticed post was damaged, so I replaced. Read some forums and common problem is rectifier, just installed new one and still same issue. Starts but won’t continue running. The only time it’s ever revved up is when I dashed a touch of ether in (yikes, I know) to the intake. Potentially fuel filters in the tank are clogged? SOS PLEASE HELP!!
With a DI or RFI i replace the fuel filters. I don't think they get replaced very often.
I'd check the fuel and air pressures to see what is going on there. I know not everyone has the proper fittings but I bought a couple from a guy and I plug them in-line and I can read everything. I can even apply air pressure to the engine VIA the adapter. Very cool. :)