Seadoo RXDI Rave Valves - Is this normal?

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Hi all,

My first post on this forum :thumbsup:

Just pulled the rave valves on my 2001 Seadoo RXDI (130 hours) to give them a clean up and although I was expecting some carbon build up (there was lots) I was surprised to find them dripping with thick black oil (see pics), is this normal? Not sure if relevant but there also seems to be a few drops of water in the oil.

Also found a part of a o-ring in the sludge so I'm guessing a couple of rebuild kits required? Anyone know if these can be sourced here in the UK?

How do I know if the rave valves were even operational? I was hitting about 50mph flat out at 6500rpm with no real boost in power anywhere in the rpm range.

All comments appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Only just bought the ski but the previous owner (for last 10 years) used the proper Seadoo DI oil and had receipts to prove
a 951 should run about 7,000 RPM wide open if everything is brand new / in spec. Clean these up and hit them with some wd-40 or something that will cut the grease, but not remove the lubrication aspect. you can clean the raves with brake cleaner, but then I hit them with some WD before reinstaling.
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