oil pump

  1. B

    What’s my PTO cover hanging on?

    New here and new to SeaDoo’s. I recently picked up 2-2005 GTX S/C’s and one has 5-10 psi of oil pressure measured at the oil pressure sensor bung. I stripped the ski down tonight in the rear, including the SC and water pump cover to check out the rear oil pump and oil pressure regulator etc...
  2. vpinzon

    Secondary oil pump cover too tight

    Rebuilding the engine I decided to rebuild both oil pumps but the secondary oil pump cover is to tight to fit easily over the gear. It also once put together prevents the engine from turning over by hand. Is this normal or is the oil pump cover not made properly on this replacement kit.
  3. G

    Synch Challenger oil pump to carbs

    I'm trying to Synch the oil pump on the front of the 787 engine to the carbs, and I'm having two problems: 1) I can't properly search the forum for previous answers because it always eliminates the word "oil" from my "oil pump" search and I get hundreds of irrelevant posts, mostly about jet...
  4. N

    Oil leaking from motor RXT 215

    Hello, I have a 2008 RXT 215 and it has been leaking oil into the hall. From the top side everything is nice and dry. Reaching my hands around to the bottom of the motor and checking for fresh oil the only place I can feel oil is under the from oil fill / oil pump area. If the motor is leaking...
  5. M

    95 Seadoo SP Oil Pump leak/rebuild

    I removed the motor on my 95 Sp (587) to find an oil leak in the hull. After cleaning the motor, it looks like the leak is coming from the oil injection pump. Looking to get a rebuild kit and o rings (parts 1,6, and 41 in pic) and was wondering if anyone has any experience rebuilding them. I...
  6. E

    2004 Sea-Doo GTI LE Plugs foul

    I have a 2004 Sea-Doo GTI LE. Found oil leaking into haul. Mechanic found that oil pump that injects oil into carb failed. Ski probably ran on straight gas for a while. He replaced pump and sent back to me. The machine would run for about 15 minutes before losing power and puttering when trying...
  7. B

    Too Much oil being pumped in to my 1996 GTI - how do I adjust it?

    I have a 1996 Seadoo GTI that has been a lemon like its color since I got it. Most recent I had a shop do some work (they are now out of business) and they actually got it running pretty well but that was last year. I know it is running pretty good except that the gas/oil is too rich. I would...
  8. 1

    Oil in Fuel Pump line 1994 657x XP

    I replaced lines with Tygon and noticed oil in fuel pump line. Plugs foul out also. see details below. I bought two identical 94 XP skis. Neither was running for various reasons. Just started getting them back together from PO tearing them partially down. One went together just fine, smokes a...
  9. benstoker

    Hedging my bets with oil pump

    Hey everyone. Finally go my 98 SPX up and running today and I need a last bit of advice before I take it out on the water. I'm 99% sure that there's no issues with the oil pump but to hedge my bet on that I'd like to add some oil to the first tank of gas I run through it then check the oil level...

    2005 GTI RFI Leak

    Can someone tell me what actually does the leaking on an oil pump/injector down at bottom of engine, between fuel tank and engine. Has the throttle cable attached to lever and two oil lines coming out of it. I'm just assuming that its the oil pump. Stays wet, clean it off and comes back. I'm...
  11. lswaffield

    96 Challenger Oil Pump

    The line running into my oil pump goes into a fitting with a square block that in turn goes into the oil pump. Is the block/hose fitting supposed to be able to spin and/or come out of the pump? When servicing the pump and putting a new o-ring around where the pump goes into the mag housing, the...
  12. K

    2000 GTX RFI Hi-Temp engine shuts off

    I was out running my 2000 GTX RFI this weekend and after about 45 minutes the hi-temp light flashed and the engine promptly shut down. I towed it home and let it sit overnight. The following morning a tried to turn it over and the starter engaged but wouldn't turn the engine over and I...
  13. J

    Seadoo 580 single carb white smoke

    I bought my 89 seadoo after sitting for 12 years. I removed both gas and oil tank and rebuilt the carb. I replaced spark plugs, and primed oil and gas. It fired right up and is very strong in water. I know that this topic has already been posted but I can't seem to relate to my classic ski...
  14. R

    oil pump on 97 xp..fault?

    is there a way that the oil pump in a 97 xp (787) is faulty. i have a new engine in and fresh oil and gas and i bled the oil pump to get the air out but all i get is the new oil coming out the bleeder but the air pockets in the same exact place on the two little tubes going to the intake behind...
  15. J

    2003 Optimax 250 Oil Pump / Oil type Switch

    I have a 2003 250 Optimax that the previous owner had API-TC oil in it and I want to switch it back to TC-W3. I read all the post about not mixing these oil type, so I have drained the the 2 oil tanks, the one mounted on the engine and the reserve tank and filled them with TC-W3, but I am...
  16. E

    2005 3d oil pump lost "springback"

    Please bear with me. I feel like a complete fool. Had our 2005 3D out this weekend. As usual, it ran perfectly. Got home and one of the kids pointed out that the throttle was a little harder to pull than in the past. No problem Dad will spray some silicone into the cable up near the...
  17. Q

    1999 gtx rfi engine problem

    This ski would crank up and run great in the water for about 10 minutes, then die. Try to restart and it would crank very slowly and not fire up. Took it to local Seadoo dealer who said one of the cylinders was scuffed, and after running for a while, piston was seizing up in this cylinder; he...