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I have a 2008 RXT 215 and it has been leaking oil into the hall. From the top side everything is nice and dry. Reaching my hands around to the bottom of the motor and checking for fresh oil the only place I can feel oil is under the from oil fill / oil pump area. If the motor is leaking from this area, do I need to pull the motor out to replace the seals or is it possible to remove that assembly without pulling the motor. I was also thinking about getting a camera and adding dye to the oil to better determine the area of the leak.
My turbo needs to be rebuild because of the 110 hours that are on the machine so that is going to be pulled out regardless.
Need instruction and advice.

Thank you.
Turbo or supercharger ‍♂️
Degrease engine and run on the hose to checkmoil leak
Have a good look around the oil cooler under the intake
Check if the forward oil pump housing bolts are loose
89in/lbs is the torque loading
Who filled the oil last time ? No overspill ?
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