2005 3d oil pump lost "springback"

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Please bear with me. I feel like a complete fool.

Had our 2005 3D out this weekend. As usual, it ran perfectly.

Got home and one of the kids pointed out that the throttle was a little harder to pull than in the past. No problem Dad will spray some silicone into the cable up near the trigger . Hmmm, that didn't work.

(here's where the I'm-an-idiot part comes in...)

I removed the other end of the throttle cable from the half-moon-shaped cable guide on the front of the oil pump. Sprayed silicone up the cable from that end as well. Was then able to slide the cable smoothly back-and-forth. That was good.

Then tried to "wind-up" the half-moon-shaped cable guide (counterclockwise) and reattach the cable to the front end of the oil pump. It's a lot tougher to get the cable on than it was to get it off. Nonetheless, after about the third try, the "springback" in the cable guide stopped. I can spin the cable guide 360 degrees and there is no springback or any restrictive tension at all.

I don't see any obvious mechanical spring that either broke or is no longer attached correctly. I've scoured google for hints with no luck. The manuals don't show a separate sprint, they just appear to show an oil pump assembly (a $250 part).

Did I really mess up? Did I take a perfectly running machine and break it?
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. (yes the kids are pretty mad at Dad)

Ed Sabis
Orlando, FL
Should be a simple fix, don't worry. You don't have to "wind up" the spring tension, there's only about a half revolution of spring load. There is a small torsion spring behind the half moon but it sounds like yours has slipped out of position, look closely at it and you should see it, one end has a hook that grabs the half moon, the other end has a leg that rests against a stop. Hopefully, yours isn't too bent up but it can be removed and replaced if necessary. This is a Mikuni part.
Thank you. Thank you very much. Yes there was a spring that fell off. 3+ hours and a lot of frustration, but I finally got the spring back on and working. Yeah, I'm not the fastest guy in the world.

But.... something was still wrong. I couldn't "wind up" the oil pump enough to get the cable back on.

Luckily, this guy selling a "slightly used" oil pump

included a big picture. I could zoom in and, sure enough, I had reinstalled the spring in the wrong slot. Another hour of finger frustration and it worked ! The cable went on. The machine fired perfectly and ran great.

Just one problem.... the throttle is still sticking. Arggggg. But that is for another post.

Thank you again, very much.

Oh, BTW, I had to chuckle when you said "look closely at it". Getting my fat head squeezed in there between the exhaust, battery and all the other hoses and wires was quite a challenge.

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