jet pump

  1. F.ortuna

    2002 XP951 pump assembly part numbers

    Hello, recently the bearing in my Carbureted 2002 XP951 jet pump went out. Upon disassembly, I discovered that I will end up needing a whole new pump assembly because of damage caused by the bearing fragments. With that being said, the part number on my pump housing is 271 001 116. The problem...
  2. B

    Jet pump oil seal question

    Just replaced my jet pump bearing for the first time and all the seals. The dealer said one of my part numbers (oil seal) super seeded to a newer part number. This one looks entirely different than mine. I’ll attach photos of my old one vs new. My old one didn’t have an open side but the new one...
  3. C

    Help!! 99 Shaft in 98 Jet Pump?

    Hello all, I bought a 99 GSX Ltd. a year ago just after the jet pump was rebuilt on it. I went to go do my first oil change on it this spring and only 1 of the cone bolts were remaining and the oil had leaked out. I decided to rebuild the pump with the 99' kit from OSD and replace the shaft...
  4. T

    Impeller replacement

    I have a 2022 Seadoo GTX 170. Unfortunately one day a few weeks ago, there was very low tide conditions and some rocks/shells got sucked into the ski. Now at the end of the season I need to replace the impeller. I have a few questions regarding the replacement. 1) What type Loctite should be...
  5. D

    Jet Pump Rebuild

    My jet pump has the dreaded milky oil I am going to go ahead and do a full rebuild on it. But I can't find any oem kits. Do they not have them anymore if so what is the best option? The one I have been looking at is WSM because I have had good luck with them. Thanks
  6. E

    Water getting inside cone

    So water got into my cone on my jet pump. No problem, replaced it (new jet pump & cone). Water gets in AGAIN! It sounds like waters getting in somewhere else and not through the cone. Is there to much play in the impeller shaft for the impeller? What am I doing wrong? Am I not getting the...
  7. BensGTXFun

    2000 GTX Jet pump seal

    I have a 2000 GTX Jet pump that the seal seems welded to the pump. Can't get the thing to remove from the pump and I've tried everything. Anyone have a suggestion instead of buying a $400 pump?
  8. D

    2004 GTI Anti Rattle Cone Questions

    I just changed the wear ring and checked out the anti rattle cone. The plastic push piece was a little messed up with the metal bending it. All of the kits the I have found have a different style but say that they fit the same year. I am also confused on how useful this piece is because I can't...
  9. V

    Jet Pump 96 Challenger

    Hi everyone, I just ordered a new wear ring for my challenger since it's about that time. While checking the clearance, I noticed that my jet pump assembly has a gap around it. Weird request, but would anyone be able to take a picture or let me know if there is supposed to be a gap between the...
  10. G

    Water inlet fitting

    Finishing up the install of the new engine and the plastic water inlet fitting from the key pump was broken. To long to wait for a new plastic one, so I improvised and made this brass one in my lathe. I've been thinking of making some more, but don't know if there would be demand at $25.
  11. J

    2001 GTX RFI JET PUMP complete rebuild

    Howdy ya’ll. I have two 2001 GTX RFI seadoos. Rebuilding both jet pumps, new wear rings, impeller shaft, bearings, and anti rattle kit nose cone. Everything was going great until it was time to reassemble. one of three brass square nuts has gone AWOL. Looking for recommendations on how to...
  12. statikuz

    How-To: Changing jet pump oil

    Changing Jet Pump Oil There is an existing howto for this, but it has some unnecessary steps/missing some details, and maybe people don't want to download attachments (or are trying to view on their phone or whatever) so I thought I would write a new one while I was at it with a little better...
  13. S

    Seadoo GTI Driveshaft Failure??

    Hello everybody, this is my first post so I apologize if it is in the wrong section. Here is my conundrum: I rebuilt the entire jet pump and installed a new wear ring on my 1999 Seadoo GTI. It ran great, and then after the third ride I noticed jet pump oil leaking out, and the wear ring was all...
  14. chris1052

    97 GTI Jet Pump/Thrust Bearing

    So I took my jet pump apart yesterday to replace the wear ring and then I took the cap off water came out and no oil at all. There was water all down the shaft too and in the bearings and I noticed that the thrust bearing on the shaft looks broken, it also will not slide off the shaft(not even...
  15. JustSteve

    Jet Pump Wear Ring Replacement on Salt Water SPI - Salt Damage

    After spending the better part of the weekend pulling the pump and replacing the wear ring, I put together a video that shows exactly why you want to buy used parts from a freshwater machine. Everything worked out fine, but I'm not sure that I want to work that hard again for a jet pump...
  16. N

    Been a bumpy start

    Hello all, I was asked to purchase 2 skis from my brother in law as he was passing away. I always wanted one, so I jumped in since they were supposed to be "lake ready". (1995 & 1996 SPX's) Well they sat outside for almost a year, more than a year, who knows and today it's 118 outside...
  17. B

    03' islandia jet pump assembly help

    Alright so I'm new here, my name is mike I own a 2003 islandia Having cavitation problems.. so I ordered a new impeller .. but the guy who's was installing it told me the jet pump assembly is bad and I should get a new one.. After spending hours online looking... I can't find one...
  18. B

    Jet pump pinion gear shimming

    Hi all I am in the process of rebuilding my jet pump as fitted to a Mercury 240efi. I am now stuck as I do not have the Pinion Gear Location Tool 91-831897. My pump housing has been powder coated (big mistake!) and I have fitted new bearings. Now I presume that the shimming process for the...
  19. 3ftDeep

    How to Rebuild Your Sea-Doo Jet Pump

    This how-to video shows all the steps required to rebuild a Sea-Doo jet pump on a 2009 RXT 215 Sea-Doo.
  20. Reardon41

    impeller play

    Hey guys so we took my buddies 96 xp out the other day and notice it was cavitating really bad. Wouldnt even get to plain, just bounce off of rev limiter. After pulling off the jet pump to check it out i noticed that the impeller has no "lateral" play. Im confused because everyone says there...