2001 GTX RFI JET PUMP complete rebuild

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Howdy ya’ll. I have two 2001 GTX RFI seadoos. Rebuilding both jet pumps, new wear rings, impeller shaft, bearings, and anti rattle kit nose cone. Everything was going great until it was time to reassemble.

one of three brass square nuts has gone AWOL. Looking for recommendations on how to locate new or used part. I am a few hours away from being complete and want to do it right.

I have been able to locate a Grade 8 (8x1.25) Nylon Nut. (Last picture).

any thoughts on how well this will hold up I choose to go down the road of using the Nylon Nut? Appreciate the help.



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You should be fine with that nylon nut as long as it doesnt spin when you go to tighten it. Follow tourqe specs dont think its to high for the nozzle
I don't torque the bolts to the recommended numbers of some of the drive system applications. Once the plastic starts to give and I feel it. I stop. Might be because the pumps have been swapped out. Not sure.
Thank you for the replies. I will order the part that racerxxx recommended. Water test is today.

New issue is now that I have replaced the bearings, the impeller doesn’t have the “space” if pushed in or pulled out. Did I over tighten the impeller? Did the bearings get pressed correctly? Hopeful it is hard to spin due to being re-done.

Will send updates after water test.
Ok here are a few pictures of what I am dealing with. Everything appears to be correct but when I install the impeller and hand tighten it it is very hard to spin. I am at a loss of what to do next. Appreciate the help.

Re pressed the bearings, so far it is spinning as I had hoped it would. Time to repeat process on other pump.
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