Jet Pump 96 Challenger

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Hi everyone,

I just ordered a new wear ring for my challenger since it's about that time. While checking the clearance, I noticed that my jet pump assembly has a gap around it. Weird request, but would anyone be able to take a picture or let me know if there is supposed to be a gap between the fiberglass hole opening and the actual jet pump assembly. Looking at my 97 GSX, it looks flush and right up against the flats of the fiberglass instead of going into the hole. If not I'll try filling it, if no luck I guess I'll be purchasing a new pump assembly.

Thanks in advance,
Can you post some pictures? Having a hard time understanding what you are asking.

On the boats there is actually a spacer ring #45(discontinued) that the skis don't use and #21 that is the foam neoprene seal. IF you don't have both you will have a bad leak and cavitation.
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