1. Coopnjaxdad

    Considering 2006 or 2007 Islandia.

    Good day all! Hope all is well with everyone here on the forum. I have been away from Seadoo for a few years but not boats in general. Sold my 18' this last year and am looking to get back in with something larger and more featured. I have always liked the Islandia and am scheduled to look at a...
  2. islandia-duane

    FOR SALE 2000 Islandia-$5500. Needs Engine

    Damaged Engine, hole in block. Mercury 240EFI, See photos. Needs repair. Other than that, electronics work, lights and audio with JBL marine subwoofer, Dual battery system, starter and house battery. Hydro Turf Floor. Body and upholstery in good shape. Shorelander trailer and Cover included...
  3. S

    2005 Sea Doo Islandia

    I am looking to purchase a 2005 Sea Doo Islandia with Mercruiser 3.0l V6. I’ve read various reports negative and positive. I called local service shops, one said no problem working on this model, the other recommended not getting due to common engine failure and parts hard to find to repair...
  4. N

    240 Jet Ignition Timing - replaced stator/rectifiers now timing way off

    Hi all, Took my new-to-me Sea Doo Islandia out and had a loss of power on first day of ownership. Thats what I get for towing back kids who broke down I guess. 2 years later Im still chasing the gremlins out of this thing. Heres everything I have done so far. Serial number 0E406240 Compression...
  5. S

    2003 Islandia Engine Hatch Hinge issue.

    I recently bought a 2003 Islandia. The engine compartment gas lift supports were shot and the guy I bought it from had made a real nice wood "proppin' stick" to keep lid open. I should also mension that the air vent/ducting built into the inside of this lid has considerable interference with the...
  6. B

    2005 Seadoo Islandia Engine Help

    I recently Purchased a 2005 Seadoo Islandia 250 DFI, the previous owner stated everything is good and is water ready. I brought it home to find out its not. Misfiring horribly amongst my issues. I had someone come out to look at it and said so far Cylinder 1 has spark and fuel but nothing else...
  7. T

    Front Bimini storage -Sea Doo Islandia

    Hi all Trying to figure out how the front Bimini is stored when the cover is on. If I remove the front posts from the boat holders, fold them in and then pivot the back ones so the whole Bimini lays down toward the front, it is not a nice fit and crushes into the navigation lights- seems like...
  8. M

    2000 Islandia fires up but dies after about 10 seconds need help!

    Hi All, long time reader first time poster… I have a 2000 Islandia with its original 1999 Mercury M2 jet, 240 EFI. Here’s the situation… I bought it this past winter. It fired up and ran when shown. When I went to clean it up and fire it up for the first time this spring, it will crank, turn...
  9. J

    Optimax 250 M2 Fuel Pump Hoses?

    Hi All - Please forgive my ignorance. I am looking at the fuel pump for my Islandia and it seems as there should be a hose hooked up to this spot (see picture). Cant get boat to fire up, it will turn, but not start. Seems like it’s not getting gas but I also do not see any hoses that need to...
  10. D

    2004 Sea Doo Islandia - Gauges don't have power

    None of the gauges on my Islandia seem to have power coming to them. There are 3 banks of fuses behind the helm area. The gauges are all connected to the first 3 amp fuse in the first bank of fuses labeled bank A. I have tested the 3 amp fuse visually and with a multi-meter. It is good. I...
  11. M

    2007 Islandia - Gas Tank info

    Hi all, New to me SeaDoo Islandia owner here. bought the boat a few months ago, and it was completely full of gas when i got it. Have had several boat days and took a good long while to run it down to a 1/4 tank. Took it today to fill it up with ethanol free. The pump says i ended up putting...
  12. W

    2008 Islandia Twin Engine Control Conversion

    Does anyone know if its possible to convert a 2008 Islandia with the 215 SC Rotax engines from a single throttle to a duel throttle control? I found a three lever control off google below.
  13. Yaimi617

    2008 Seadoo Islandia for sale with trailer

    Hi Everyone, I am selling my 2008 Seadoo Islandia which is located in Miami, FL. The price is $16,000. It’s powered with twin Rotax 4tec 215hp supercharged engines. The ECUs on both engines were replaced this year with brand new ones. The exhaust manifold and the shift cables were also...
  14. W

    2008 Islandia With the Rotax 215 HP battery warning light on

    Hey guys, back again. We totaled our Islandia with the 240 Merc so now looking at going with a 2008 Islandia with the 215 hp engines. First are the engines reliable?Any common problems with the super chargers? The real question/help I need is this particular boat the owner said the battery...
  15. G

    07 islandia won’t start after battery died

    Hey guys! 3 days ago I came back after a great day on the water. I was so tired that I didn’t realize I left the DESS key on the post and the battery switch ON. I realized next day so I put the key away and plug my 2amp battery tender. After 12hrs Electronics work so I assume I was ready to...
  16. RepNJ

    Newbie needing advice on 02 Islandia purchase

    Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500 The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information. I grew up driving...
  17. RepNJ

    Newbie interested in 2002 Islandia

    Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500 The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information. I grew up driving...
  18. nataliator

    Islandia OEM Cover Tent Pole Measurements

    When we bought the Islandia, it came with the blue Sea Doo cover with the ratchet strap on the starboard side to keep it tight. So I thought this was good to have, and I threw it on there before the last rainstorm because I couldn't get her in the garage. Of course, the middle bellied and filled...
  19. cfellers

    Navigation Light Islandia NavLight, Red, Port Side, 204470409

    Does anyone know where I can get a Navigation Light, Red, Port Side, 204470409 need one. Nowhere in stock stateside.
  20. A

    Islandia interior upgrades 1st generation

    Hey all! Bought a 2000 islandia last year, boat was in pretty good shape. Hull and engine were real clean and tip top, but the vinyl was wasted... (pics included) So this year was the year of new interior... I changed up the colors while trying to preserve the character of the 1st generation...