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Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500
The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information.
I grew up driving around a little Boston whaler on the bay in NJ, but really did not retain any knowledge which would make me an educated boat owner. SO, after wasting my night searching, I still have some Q’s :)
  1. Chances of finding a certified Merc mechanic landlocked in Colorado? (I understand that there is difficulty with finding maintenance/parts for these motors + sea-doo)
  2. Ballpark price for full repower (parts & install labor- I will have this done professionally, obviously, and assume all will need to be replaced w/ a remanufacture, likely not rebuilt.) looking at $3k, $5k, $10k!?
  3. is $4500 a fair price for the work needed? (I’ve searched nationwide and do have a good average)
  4. I now really have my heart set on an islander, should I be weary of the 2001-2004 models bc of the potential engine work?
  5. Will I have to replace with the same merc engine? Can it be upgraded to a 4 stroke? Is that recommended?
  6. any other tips before buying??
any and all info and advices is welcome, (please don’t judge my ignorance ;)) and thank you in advance!CC639729-E87A-4E93-9137-4311BC2E0F4E.jpegE672DCC1-66DE-4D29-9B88-A08A34C7D9BF.jpeg
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