engine replacement

  1. RepNJ

    Newbie interested in 2002 Islandia

    Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500 The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information. I grew up driving...
  2. Talley43

    Help I lost compression in 1 of my cylinders on my 96 challenger.

    Alright first I want to thank anyone who helps me figure this thing out. I'm brand new to boats and I've only had this one a month. I took my wife and 2 nieces out and about 2 miles down the river it died 2 twice full throttle no warning sign or nothin. So we went back to the boat ramp in the...
  3. L

    Looking for a little buying advice.....

    I am looking at possibly buying a 1993 SP, looks like it brand new but the engine is the issue. Not sure if it even turns over so expecting the worse case senario. Is a rebuild the way to go or does it depend on the condition of the present engine? should I consider a rebuilt motor and if so I...
  4. C

    Looking for a Engine for a 2003 Seadoo Islandia

    Looking for an engine, Mercury Optimax 250 for my 2003 Seadoo Islandia. I would like to replace it with a Rotax engine, but don't know if it's worth it? I would seriously need some guidance on this one by a professional. Anyone with some ideas? Thanks, Rob