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I am looking at possibly buying a 1993 SP, looks like it brand new but the engine is the issue. Not sure if it even turns over so expecting the worse case senario. Is a rebuild the way to go or does it depend on the condition of the present engine? should I consider a rebuilt motor and if so I have heard some bad thing about the SBT engines not be good quality. will know more when I can take a better look at t he ski. Just throwing someting out there to get some buying advice. It is a white 587..Is there someway to tell since it is not running to see if all the electronics are still any good? It really looks like someone blew it up when it was a few years old and put it away in a garage and kept it just about new condition. I am not oppsed to a engine replacement just try to see if it would even be worth it.. Thanks for letting me rant.:seeya:
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Unless you can get this ski really cheap or almost free, it's not going to be worth it.

A rebuilt engine is $500-600, plus freight, plus you'll need and alignment tool $150 to buy $75 to rent, plus carb. rebuild, new fuel lines, etc. Even if you get it running for under $1000.00 (which I doubt) the ski itself is extremely under powered. Personally I think you would be better off buying a newer ski.

A neighbor offered to give me a ski, I'm probably gonna take it because it comes with a trailer, but I don't hold out much hope for the ski itself.

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