1. M

    1996 spi, 587 running hot?

    Good morning! Looking for some help/info on my white 587 operating temp. (1996 Spi) After replacing oil tank grommets, all oil lines, bleeding pump, and running tank of premix for safety, did a test run, while checking for any oil leaks, I noticed engine was hot to touch, while running on...
  2. M

    Help choosing the right aftermarked carb for SeaDoo SPI 587 single carb Rotax motor

    Hi Everyone I am the happy owner of an old SeaDoo SPI which I am renovating here in Denmark. There are not many of them here in our country. It is a SeaDoo SPI with Rotax 587 single carb engine. It was equipped with a mikuni 34mm (round type, which I have renovated), but it has broken in the...
  3. CreekerMike

    Broken E Box Mounts

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is fairing well through the covid and the cold weather! Now to my question. Is there any known fix or good solution for repairing the small tabs on the back of the e box that lock it into the mounting tray? Overtime they seem to become brittle and in hard riding I've...
  4. Camarojoe12

    Jet pump questions

    Hi all, I am new to seadoo’s but have always liked the old school skis so I finally grabbed one. It is a 1990 3 seater gt with reverse, it needs a motor which I picked up to swap out of a good running “parts” ski. I figured while I was replacing the engine I would replace all of the fuel and oil...
  5. M

    Starter misaligning with flywheel (HELP!)

    Hi everyone, first post on here so bare with me. Bought a 1992 Seadoo SP white motor a year ago from a guy for a for $150. Had some starting issues but this thing is in mint condition for a 1992.Took everything apart cleaned the carb, rebuilt the starter, got a new battery and even built some...
  6. Mitchapalooza

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hi Folks, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and I have to say the posts/advice that I've looked at so far has proven extremely helpful in getting me this far - so thank you all very much! Also, thank you in advance for any responses to this thread. Your advice and opinions are...
  7. A

    Need help sorting bogging issues '96 SP 587

    Hi guys, I'm kind of new here so I'll give you some background on my ski. I got it last fall for $500 with trailer not running so that I could fix it up. I tore it apart and found the previous owner had dropped a screw down into the engine and the rotary valve smashed into it and held it...
  8. L

    WTB: 94 SP 587 Engine (complete or incomplete) & MPEM for 2000 GTX 951 Carb

    Bad crank and rod bearings in my 94 SP engine, looking to buy entire lower end (preferably with pistons and cylinders). Also looking for MPEM for 2000 GTX millenium edition 951 carb engine, preferably with key but will also buy without. Thanks
  9. tkarvelis

    How Hot is too hot for a 587 engine

    So I took my seadoo out to a local lake to adjust the carbs while it was still tied to the trailer. It ran good, but it sputtered a bit a full throttle. I did not adjust it much as I had a leak in the head gasket, and sprayed water out the PTO cylinder. I have the o-rings ordered, and I...
  10. P

    1993 SP Compression question

    Hi Guys (and Gals), I am a newbie to the PWC world. I have boated for a few years but this fall I decided to pick up a project for the long Minnesota winter. I found an old 93 SP that had been sitting in some guys backyard for 5 years. Fortunately, he had a cover on it and his yard was...
  11. P

    587 Single/Dual Carb Differences - Rotary Timing - Port Configuration?

    Hi All. What's the difference between the single and dual carb 587? Obviously the intake manifold is different, but why is there a different spec for the rotary valve timing? Seems like it should be the same unless there is a difference in the cylinder porting or block machining. I noticed...
  12. S

    Differences between the 587 white motor and the yellow motor?

    I have 2 1991 seadoo skis and I'm thinking about just changing out the motor itself but i keep coming up w/ an option of either a white motor or the yellow motor, i don't know if there is a difference but if there is what are they if you don't mind helping me out..
  13. C

    587 657 engine swap question.

    Hey everyone first post here. I've been working on seadoos for a while but encountered this today. Customer brought in a 1993 seadoo xp with a blown 657 (non-x) engine. I had a perfect 587 from a 1996 spi that I swapped in. I did ll the normal stuff, jet pump service and engine alignment, new...
  14. L

    Looking for a little buying advice.....

    I am looking at possibly buying a 1993 SP, looks like it brand new but the engine is the issue. Not sure if it even turns over so expecting the worse case senario. Is a rebuild the way to go or does it depend on the condition of the present engine? should I consider a rebuilt motor and if so I...
  15. W

    1994 sea doo xp 587??

    Hello everyone. im new to this site, and also new to watercraft. I work at a snowmobile, motorcyle and atv dealership though, and have my fair share of mechanical knowledge. I have been doing my research, and recently purchased a 1994 sea doo xp. Now comes the weird part, when researching the...
  16. B

    Prop Compatibility Question 1994 Seadoo SP

    The reference chart shows a 1994 SP has a 140mm aluminum 18.8 prop... Would a stainless steel 11/24 140mm prop (#271-000-458) work? I guess a better question is; "how well will it work" considering it will fit fine and technically "work".
  17. B

    1992 XP 587 Won't Start After Riding ~30 Minutes

    Strange issue. I have a 1992 XP 587 white with the following. • Rebuilt Carbs (Mikuni Kits) • New Solenoid • New Rings (honed cylinders; 140 compression on both) • New top end gasket kit • New Exhaust gaskets • New Battery • Black Fuel lines (No Grey Tempo) • Inline clear fuel filter...
  18. chipnbud

    587 Engine replacement questions

    I have not used the forums since I joined last year. I am wondering if anyone can suggest who I should use to replace or rebuild my '93 Sea Doo GTX engine? I have an original engine that has a bad crank bearing and I am unsure about rebuilding what I have or use one of the long block exchange...
  19. O

    88 XP wont crank.. Need Help

    1988 XP will not start.. Need Help please i am new to working on a skii but this thing was basically a gift to me. I have been working on it for a while now and i just cant get it to start. It has spark (new NGK's) and it sounds like its wanting to start but somthing just wont let it...