587 Initial Oil


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I just picked up a 1996 Seadoo SPi with the 587 for $50. Owner thought the motor was seized. I took the motor out of the hull, put some deep creep on top of the pistons and let it sit for a couple days. Couple taps with a rubber mallet and a bump of the starter and it spun free. I used a scope camera to go inside the crankcase through the rotary valve ports to inspect the crank. Everything is very clean. No rust. The pistons look good. No scoring or rust marks on the cylinder walls. My question is, in my experience with the 951, there was a spec for adding 30mL of oil to the crankcase before initial start up. I have poured over the shop manual for this unit and see that specific spec for the 787, but NOT the 587 (which is in the same manual). I'm restoring the oil injection pump to this engine. IS there a minimum amount of oil to be added to the crankcase like the 787 and 951? If so, where do you add it? Or would it be best to pull the lower case and assembly lube the friction surfaces to give some lube during start-up until the oil pump starts doing it's thing?

PS - I know some of y'all have very strong feelings about premixing. In my research it doesn't seem that the pumps fail as much as the oil lines come off from improper securement. I'd like to test my theory on this machine and I might possibly be giving it to a friend that doesn't know anything about premixing. I'd like to concentrate just on the amount of oil needed before initial start-up.

Thanks in advance for your information!
The oil added to the crank case of a 951 and 787 is for the counter balance shaft.
587 does not have a counter balance, no extra oil needed