1. L

    04 RXP Parts to Rebuild While Engine is Out

    Hello, I recently purchased an 04 RXP that has a broken timing chain. While I have the engine out I plan on rebuilding the super charger and the jet pump. Is there anything else I should inspect or replace while I have it apart (water pump, oil pump, seals, etc)? There are contact marks on 8 of...
  2. R

    717 Crank Seal Blew Out. Replace seal or rebuild? (1996 GTi)

    I was running my new to me 1996 GTi in the water trying to figure out an engine bogging issue that only occurred in the water. I bought this ski in the winter for $1000, previous owner didn't have it for more than a year and said he bought it just for the trailer it came with and that it ran...
  3. C

    Help!! 99 Shaft in 98 Jet Pump?

    Hello all, I bought a 99 GSX Ltd. a year ago just after the jet pump was rebuilt on it. I went to go do my first oil change on it this spring and only 1 of the cone bolts were remaining and the oil had leaked out. I decided to rebuild the pump with the 99' kit from OSD and replace the shaft...
  4. H

    1997 GTX Project/ Rebuild

    Hi All, Was browsing marketplace and came across what I think is a 1997 GTX. It was abandoned at a rental property, but it was cheap, has no hull damage. Does anyone have a resource for a service manual? On my list so far: Power Wash Keys Missing (trip to dealer and dess coding) Compression...
  5. D

    Seadoo rxp 215 2005 rod-end cap problems

    Hello you all, First of all am Dutch so sorry if my English is not perfect. I have a 2005 rxp 215 that I’m rebuilding. Today I tried to install the crank and found out that one of my rod-end caps does not fit the crank. When I compare it with the other two I can see a small difference. Does...
  6. Bowser

    Bowser’s SPX

    Ahoy SeadooForum, This build thread serves to archive the trials of my first water craft, a ’95 SPX. It was purchased in March 2022 with a known issue of fuel not getting to the carburetors. I am a first-timer at fiddling with two stroke engines but find forums a wealth of info, so here I am...
  7. H

    787 Impeller Shaft: WSM washer not fitting

    Hey all, Just rebuilding my pumps on my 98 speedster with twin 787's but I am about to torque it all down but before I do, I wanted to ask if anyone had any issues using the WSM rebuild kits for the pump, more specifically, the thrust washer not fitting in the center bore (when putting it in...
  8. PolarCelsius


    Welp, the ol' gal took a plunder, I would think it to be the grey tempo OEM fuel lines but could be something else. I hear a strange object being knocked around near the flywheel when turning the engine over MAG cylinder 60psi PTO cylinder 125psi (was 145) Turns over just fine and even runs too...
  9. TxAg15

    2002 787 RFI Engine Rebuild

    Hello all, I've been reading and researching a ton so I thought I'd make a project thread and see if I can get some insight from all the geniuses on here. I know it's a bit of a novel, but I thought it better to roll it all into one post for continuity. I have a 2002 GTX RFI with ~130 hrs...
  10. BET-on-it

    1996 Seadoo XP800 Restoration Project

    Hey! Just joined the forum today as I prepare to start working on an old Seadoo that I just acquired. I ended up paying a grand for both a 96 Seadoo XP800 and a 93 Seadoo SP with a double trailer (both skis run alright so I feel relatively confident in the fact that I made a good deal)...
  11. RogerS

    Engine Rebuild Project

    Engine Rebuild Project experience I just want to share my experience how was to rebuilt my engine. I’m not a mechanic and never open a engine before... decide to do my rebuild by myself and alone with the only help from here (seadooforum) If you are married, dont try this at home! You may lose...
  12. Cheflen

    RESTO The budget build-95 SP

    I haven't seen any recent resto builds, so I decided I should post my resto of a 95 sp. Considering I am a college student, the budget is pretty low, so I am trying to do a proper build while keeping costs down as much as possible. I really wanted an xp, but I got a good deal on this sp, so I...
  13. BoyzFunBoat

    Seizing in first hour after top end rebuild - 2005 Sea Doo Sportster Le DI ROTAX 947, 2-stroke

    My 2005 Sea Doo Sportster Le DI has about 175 hours. It's ROTAX 947, 2-stroke direct injection engine. I'm the 3rd owner, it had 149 hours when I purchased it last year. I've always used Sea-Doo brand XP-S 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil. When I purchased it, I had a new impellor and wear ring...
  14. DeanRoberts

    RESTO Seadoo 1998 GSX Limited 951 - Rebuild

    Hi All, My first post here. I am in the process of rebuilding my engine after a big end conrod bearing failure.. It is the first time i have rebuilt an engine and i have learnt a lot from reading the manual and online etc. Finally the engine is on the mend again and i have just sealed the...
  15. Icantswim

    951 to 995 Fullbore Rebuild!!!

    Hi Everyone, Figured I'd start a thread about my rebuild I'm currently doing. I thought I had made a post on this already but when I came back to look for it, it was gone so I must've not saved it correctly. Long story short I recently blew my original 951 motor in my 1998 XPL and was...
  16. sethsmind

    Tuned pipe - 1996 GTX - Special Tool?

    Do I need a special tool to remove the 1 bolt that you can't see?
  17. 2

    Seadoo 717 Carb rebuild resources

    Do any of you have any good resources for how to rebuild a 97 717 Gti carb? From removal from craft to rebuild to reinstall? Also what to purchase for rebuild. Much appreciated!!
  18. T

    Rotax 720 rebuild

    Hello! So I recently acquired a 2001 Seadoo GTI. The previous owner didn't want to pay to have it repaired in the shop so it was given to me to play around with. Upon receiving it, most of the motor was apart, I removed the engine from the ski and striped the rest down to see what kind of...
  19. g_campbell

    97 XP - 787 Rebuild Please help

    Hello, I recently picked up a 1997 XP that needs to be rebuilt really cheap with trailer. So i started tearing into this thing knowing that it needed a top end and really hoping the bottom end would be in good shape. But the previous owner had tore most of it down and saw that it needed a top...
  20. M

    95 Seadoo SP Oil Pump leak/rebuild

    I removed the motor on my 95 Sp (587) to find an oil leak in the hull. After cleaning the motor, it looks like the leak is coming from the oil injection pump. Looking to get a rebuild kit and o rings (parts 1,6, and 41 in pic) and was wondering if anyone has any experience rebuilding them. I...