Islandia OEM Cover Tent Pole Measurements

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When we bought the Islandia, it came with the blue Sea Doo cover with the ratchet strap on the starboard side to keep it tight. So I thought this was good to have, and I threw it on there before the last rainstorm because I couldn't get her in the garage. Of course, the middle bellied and filled with water!

So I did some homework on here and found out there are actually support poles that hold this thing up in middle (duh).

Does anyone have this cover still, and the poles? Can you do me a solid and take pictures and perhaps measurements of them? I also need to go where they are meant to be placed on the boat. I am going to fab something up for this, shouldn't be too hard, but I also want to make sure I make the top/bottom big enough to spread the load to prevent the cover from ripping.

I am looking for an old cover that someone is finished with. I have an idea for a bow cover but I need one that I can modify. Mines brand new and of course I don't want to buy another one to just cut it up. If anyone has one ... please let me know.
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