Engine Cover

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This sounds crazy. I have a 2001 season utopia 185 and I cannot figure out how to open the engine cover. When I purchased it the owner had it open. When the mechanic looked at by the time he showed me what hw did the cover was already open. I looked at the manual and it said to unlatch the straps. I cannot find straps when When I pull up the lever in the middle of the back seats nothing happen. Can and anyone upload a picture or tell.me what ai need to do. Feel silly I can open a engine cover lol
A picture would help. I can say that the latches on Seadoos can be a problem. The little spring gets out of position. You still feel tension but it doesn't unlatch. I don't know if that is the type you are dealing with or not.
I found this video on a 2003 Utopia. Cool boat for SURE !!! Watch the video around the 3 minute mark he shows how many things open and swivel. Around 3:50 minute he opens the engine hatch. Good Luck and enjoy your new boat !!