1. nataliator

    Islandia OEM Cover Tent Pole Measurements

    When we bought the Islandia, it came with the blue Sea Doo cover with the ratchet strap on the starboard side to keep it tight. So I thought this was good to have, and I threw it on there before the last rainstorm because I couldn't get her in the garage. Of course, the middle bellied and filled...
  2. T

    Islandia ski pole

    Hi. I just purchased a 2005 islandia with the merc 250 opti. I had the kids out skiing but the tow ring is too low and we were having trouble with the rope dragging in the wake. Has anyone been able to install a ski pylon or pole on these? If so, let me know!! Also, FYI, I just installed cobra...
  3. G

    2009 wakepro tow pole broke

    I just bought a new 2009 seadoo wakepro 215 and our second time out while pulling my 200 pound brother he wiped out on his bad side and cracked the tow pole assembly and the right lateral support arm. All plastic of course. BRO will replace at there cost this time but said not next time. This...
  4. Geokep

    Does any one own a Islanida SE

    If so i am looking for some photo's of the removeable ski pole that they have, i am in australia and there are no boats here that i am able to get some photo's of so I can fabricate up one to put on my boat when it gets here. ANY Help from any one would be great. maybe there is one in a boat...