1. T

    FOR SALE WTB Seadoo Speedster Engine Access Cover

    Seadoo speedster 200; looking to buy the rear engine access cover (PN# 269700130).. it’s the black cover that goes inside the engine bay for storage.. boat never had it when I purchased it years ago and now with the kids I could really use the extra storage space.. thank you guys.
  2. Bowser

    1994 -1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover 277000260 - Purple

    eBay item number: 125936882973 SeaDoo 1994-1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover Fresh Water 277000260 - Purple Condition is used: The rubber is still bendy and intact all over. There is one tear on the surface, 1” in length, shown. There are two indents near the tear, shown. Color is...
  3. SamTheSeaDooMan

    Quality Covers for cheap?

    Looking to buy a quality cover for my 2020 GTI for less than retail price if possible. The dealer I got mine from gave me a low quality cover and it caused some mildew to grow this winter, as I have to store it outside. Any suggestions on places to look? Thanks.
  4. O

    2021 Fish Pro likes and dislikes

    I posted a thread of objective problems we've experienced with our new Fish Pro immediately preceding this one. Here are some subjective comments about our ownership experience so far: The Seadoo cover is very nicely designed, high quality and versatile. I was reluctant to buy at its high...
  5. Danoib

    FOR SALE 2011 Challenger 180

    Looking to get rid of my Challenger. Great boat and asking $14,000 obo. Only 129 hrs on it and been maintained well.
  6. Nichlas

    RXP X 255 How to remove 'engine housing'

    Hi guys, Bought a RXP X255 model 2010 couple of days ago. In Finland it is winter right now and plenty of time for testing and learning I noticed the trim is not working and the fuse goes off right away when trying trimming. Changed the fuse and the new one went off right away. So I assume...
  7. nataliator

    Islandia OEM Cover Tent Pole Measurements

    When we bought the Islandia, it came with the blue Sea Doo cover with the ratchet strap on the starboard side to keep it tight. So I thought this was good to have, and I threw it on there before the last rainstorm because I couldn't get her in the garage. Of course, the middle bellied and filled...
  8. Arkbillsfan

    I'm needing a cover for a 98 challenger 1800

    Wanting to buy a gently used cover for a 98 challenger 1800. Must be only for challenger. Thanks guys/gals
  9. henryb

    2000 Challenger 1800 -- Glove Box

    My 2000 Seadoo Challenger 1800 did not come with a Glove Box cover, is there anyone that knows of a place to get used replacements, as I can imagine if they are even still available from Seadoo, that brand new ones would be quite expensive? Thanks, Brent.
  10. P

    For Sale: Poppy cover for 2011-12 Challenger 180 with tower

    I have a (very!) slightly damaged Poppy cover for my 2012 Challenger 180 with folding tower that I need to sell. I has a 5-6" tear where I rubber the boat against a pole when I was garaging the boat. A new one currently goes for $399.99. I am willing to let it go for significantly less than...
  11. Mr. Dude

    SEA DOO SPORTSTER LE DI 951 OEM Backrest #4B214J

    FS: SEA DOO SPORTSTER LE DI Back Rest Cushion I bought this backrest thinking it may fit my 95 speedster but it doesn't. Anyway, I would like $50 shipped if you are interested. The item has a little bit of sun fade but is otherwise in excellent condition.
  12. S

    98 Speedster - I need a windshield (hood)

    I am looking for the passsenger side windshield hood (front storage compartment cover) as mine is completely cracked off.. I assume there is noway to repair it.. Thks!
  13. M

    Sticky Engine compartment latch - Sportster 150

    The engine cover latch on my '05 Sportster 150 seems to be sticking. When you pull the cable is actuates the spring to release the latch stud, but the cover does not pop up automatically like it's supposed to. I got my girlfriend to pull the lever while I checked the release mechanism out and it...
  14. cuenta

    help flywheel get overheat

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows if the is normal that the flywheel cover get hot The ski runs great and the engine feels cold to the touch but the flywheel cover or magneto cover is hot Thanks for your help
  15. powerslave

    Best way to clean OEM seadoo cover?

    Just bought a 95 xp, really nice but I'll post that in a different thread. It came with the original cover. It's not in bad shape at all but want to know best way about cleaning it and taking off some of the mold, mildew that is on it. Thanks.
  16. N

    2012 RXP X 260 Cover?

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I just purchased a RXP X 260, and a cover. The cover they sold me is a Seadoo BRP cover, but it doesn't seem to fit even though it says all models. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or do I need a different cover that's bigger for this thing? Yes, I read the...
  17. C

    Mooring Cover Help!

    I have a 2005 180 Challenger SCIC with the original cover. The original cover is garbage and I have a slip for the boat so I'm looking for something easier to work with while in the water. I found a Bow Cover that appears to snap on but there is no cockpit cover listed. Does anyone have any...
  18. powerslave

    95 spx cover

    Tried searching the forum but every word I enter show up with no results?? Anyway, was wondering where I should look for a good cover for my spx. 1995. Found some online that don't look like they custom fit the ski to well. Thanks.
  19. O

    '96 GSX cover options?

    Just received new covers for my GSX's and they came with mirror pockets on them - manufacturer says thats 'cause some models had mirrors and I should just tuck them in. This was billed as a 'custom' storage cover but clearly they've grouped too many models and/or yrs together. Can anyone...
  20. L

    Handlebar pad and grab bar for 95 XP.

    Does anyone have a correct handlebar pad for a 95 xp? I don't care about looks, I want to buy a cover from hydro turf, but right now I don't have anything at all. Also,anyone might have a rear grab bar in decent shape? Mine has huge chunks out of it. Shipping will be to South Carolina...