Best way to clean OEM seadoo cover?


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Just bought a 95 xp, really nice but I'll post that in a different thread. It came with the original cover. It's not in bad shape at all but want to know best way about cleaning it and taking off some of the mold, mildew that is on it. Thanks.

Dr Honda

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It's hard to get it off. When the covers are old... if you get too aggressive... they just rip.

If you have a newer washing machine (without the agitator in the middle) you can put it on an extra long cycle, with hot water, and use Tide. Then... when it's done washing... set it out in the sun to dry. (inside out) It won't remove all the stains, but it will kill the mildew.

If it's in good shape... you can use a little superclean and a soft brush to loosen the mildew before the wash.

Just as a final FYI... I've thrown out most used covers I've gotten. They may look OK... but when you start to wash them... they disintegrate, and fall apart. The only ones I've been able to salvage were from skis that were stored inside most of the time.
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It's old but in good shape. My washer does have an agitator. Can I use something like purple power diluted and a soft brush? Not sure what NOT to use on the original covers. Thanks Dr.

Dr Honda

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I'm quite sure my method is NOT recommended by the manufacture... but this is trying to save it.

I've never had any luck with purple power... but use it if you have it. I tried it in the past, because it was cheaper... but I've gone back to Superclean. (I buy the 5 gal buckets for the shop. Stuff just works)

The problem with the agitator is it's too aggressive. And since the cover is big... it has a shearing effect on it.

If you have a VERY large cooler chest, or a small kids swimming pool... you could use that, and try to soak it for a while in tide and hot water. Regardless... if you use purple power, or superclean on it... you need to soak it in fresh water to make sure it's all out of the fabric.


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I had the same issue and ended up taking it to a laundromat and had them do it "professionally". Cost $20 and came
back great. I then sprayed it with Scotchguard. Seems to work just fine. I would suggest you don't spray it while on the
seadoo however and make sure you have good ventilation and let it dry well.


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I used this canvas cleaner on my OEM covers last year.

One had quite a bit of mildew. I was very pleased with the results. I think I mixed it in a spray bottle, sprayed it on and scrubbed with a stiff nylon brush. After the covers dried I sprayed them with a can of canvas waterproofer.

I wish I had taken before and after pics because the difference was pretty dramatic, but didnt think of it.


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i put mine in the wash, and all the decal lettering starting to come off, it is clean but the name Seadoo is almost all off, now it could have been on its way regardless can't recall as I just bought this unit.