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I have a 2005 180 Challenger SCIC with the original cover. The original cover is garbage and I have a slip for the boat so I'm looking for something easier to work with while in the water. I found a Bow Cover that appears to snap on but there is no cockpit cover listed. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good cover? I've looked at Poppy Covers but I'm afraid I'll be back to the same hassle I had with the original cover with the fact that it's made for being trailered and not in the water.

Thanks, Cody
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I believe that many people with Poppy covers leave their boat on a hoist or trailer to store it while not in use and have no problems.
You might want to prop it up a bit to let the rain run off easier. Let's wait to heat from other Poppy cover owners and see what they say.

I have a ski and leave it covered all summer while on a hoist. I love it.
I've had the Poppy cover and store it outside in the summer. The run-off after rain will not be an issue. Parked in a slip the biggest issue would be bugs and spider webs.

The only complaint I have is it's not very repellent to rain anymore. I've cleaned it up and reapplied the 303 to it but it just doesn't work. It's been three years and six months out of the year the sun beating on it takes its toll. That said, it worked well enough I'll be buying another from them when it's time. I've seen nothing to match their quality at that price point.
There should be seperate covers for cockpit and bow, but they are really high priced.
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Thanks everyone for your input. I was hoping to find the separate bow and cockpit covers as cycleguy88 mentions but it seems that cockpit cover has been discontinued. Since I do keep the boat in the water, I was hoping for something along those lines that snaps on and off. There is a guy that does custom covers at the marina, he's going to take a look at it for me and then I'll go from there. Thanks again!
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