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  • Hi you talked to me earlier about if I owned a shop in michigan and my 1995 spi with the 951 in it. I do own a shop in grandville michigan called personal watercraft repair right on the highway i have been in the buisness for 25 years and I used to work for team butch before that. We have tons of used parts the last time I checked We had over 500 parts skis and the number grows every day. As for the 1995 spi I decided to make a thread for it since everbody took so much interest in it you can veiw it in the seadoo two stroke section.
    Hey!!!! How are you mate.I got a new ski! New woman.Things are pretty good..Better than this time last year.How is all things here?
    Hi Seadoobuddy, I noticed you were online and helped me before with my thread questions.....I know the normal space when measured on feeler guage for wear ring to impellar is no greater than 0.04 BUT would a measurement like 0.008 and 0.010 be possible do you think?


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