1. M

    2007 Islandia - Gas Tank info

    Hi all, New to me SeaDoo Islandia owner here. bought the boat a few months ago, and it was completely full of gas when i got it. Have had several boat days and took a good long while to run it down to a 1/4 tank. Took it today to fill it up with ethanol free. The pump says i ended up putting...
  2. Hankst3r

    717 totally dry

    I have a 717 that has not been ran in years, and i have all new dry lines, a fully empty bone dry gas tank, and oil tank with nothing in it. what all do i need to do in order to get the right juices in the right locations? and will the crankcase oil make its way back to the reservoir by itself...
  3. RogerS

    Not getting gas !?

    After rebuilt engine, put all back into boat and connecting all cables and hoses... I can see thru the clear gas filter no gas is flowing or suck to the carbs... what should I do next? Need prime the line? How can I do that? Thanks
  4. S

    Gas tank fast use 1997 speedster

    Wanted to see what others had to say on this subject. I know theee boats rip through gas fast but I feel like something might be off with mine. So I go riding for hour. At full throttle my gas gauge is resting right on the left edge of the half tank mark. At idle same thing. Put on hoist...
  5. Seadoosam

    Anyone have GPH numbers for a Sportster Le (951)?

    I saw the thread with all the graphs of GPH at WOT but what is the GPH at say 30 mph (5500-6000 rpm) ? We usually cruise at 30 so just wondering if anyone has data.
  6. H

    Total Noob...Sorry... Need help on putting gas in 1996 challenger

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to owning a boat and I bought a 1996 sea doo challenger. Its embarrassing to even ask this but I dont even know how to put gas in it. I was told it is a 40 to 1 mix ration but I also noticed there is a separate tank for oil? Can anyone help me out with this? Im...
  7. XARiUS

    More 00' GTX DI woe's

    So I have been working on my GTX DI with a 951 Orbital Equipped for like 2 years now, had an issue with the Stator and ended up having to change the magneto cup and stator both, thats been completed and I had it back on the water for the first time since 2014 and I thought things were great...
  8. P

    2004 Yamaha gp1300r - oil/gas questions

    looking into purchasing a 2004 Yamaha gp1300r. Has about 100 hours on it. Was curious to how often I would have to refill the oil tank? Do I have to fill it everytime I refill gas tank? Also, how long does a full tank of gas last out of curiousity? Also, anything I should look out for before...
  9. Txpark

    2005 GTX gas gauge/sensor problem

    My 2005 GTX 4-tec gas gauge quit working showing full or 3/4 full all the time. I put a new OEM sensor in the tank and still have the same problem, although while the pump was out and testing the sensor, when the arm was raised all the way up, as in a full tank of gas, the low fuel light and...
  10. D

    2009 GTI 155 SE - Feels like "pumping the gas"

    I just bought a 2009 GTI 155SE with 49 hours on it. It was serviced in October and has not been run until now. It was a little hesitant to start and I am only getting a top speed of 35 to 40. (I have the correct key inserted) When I pull the throttle, it feels like it is hesitating and...
  11. JuanchoPWC

    Public Gas Station for Boats (GTA)

    Does anybody knows about public gas stations for vassell in the GTA if you are running empty while you on the water..?? There is any close to Scarborough Bluff..?? Frenchman's Bay in pickering..?? Whitby marina..?? Thanks in advance for any help post it here...
  12. J

    gas shocks??

    what size gas shocks do i need to replace on my engine comparemnet hood? 2004 seadoo sportster 4tec
  13. J

    !996 Sea Doo XP

    Okay So I rode my 1996 Sea doo xp the second week I bought it and It was amazing and worked great besides when I went over huge waves and went 50+ it seemed to be Jumpy. So It died and I replaced the battery and as long as its got gas it wont do this anymore.... But heres the problem. The dang...
  14. 9

    1995 XP - Not taking in OIl? Switch to premix?

    Hi I just noticed that my 1995 xp didn't burn any oil after a long 2 hour ride. My guess is that the oil injection system is probably shot. If there is no oil going in should I just pre-mix my oil gas and put it into the gas tank? If so what should the ratio be on the 717 engine? Any help...
  15. Brholwer

    Both 1996 Seadoo xp and spx gas gauge does not work.

    Both of my seadoos gas gauge don't work they just have the gas light on constantly, any idea whats wrong with them?
  16. H

    Half of Infocenter and Spedometer not Working

    Hi I just recently purchased a 2000 seadoo gtx millenium edition carbed. The spedometer was working on and off the first time I had it out but now it has completely stopped working. Also, the bottom part of the Infocenter (gas gauge) is also not working. I made sure all of the fuses were good...
  17. mxrider9239

    replacement/adding/cleaning fuel and oil filter for 93 xp

    hey guys ive hit a bump in my start of the season by needing to clean some fuel passageways. My question is how do i clean the water separator for the gas (can i take out the bowl without taking our the entire unit), where can i get a new inline oil filter (best price) and should i should i also...
  18. M

    2000 islandia using 1 gallon of gas for every mile

    I have a 2000 islandia with a new powerhead from obr (threw a rod thru the block last summer) The new engine has about 12 hours on it, the boat is running great engine wise, pulling kids on tubes and the holeshot is fine. The problem is that the amount of gas i am going thru is WAY out of the...
  19. Gamerse

    Man up!

    If you do something bone-headed, like forgetting to fill the oil tank in your injected boat or ski, admit it. I have heard "the orl injections system jus quit werkin" so many times, or "I herd the url injektion quits on em, i aint guna yous it" so much it makes me sick. How is it between the...
  20. O

    Green Lake - 70 Mile house BC - Anyone been here?

    Is anyone familiar with this lake? I've visited it a few times, and will be taking my challenger up there next week. Not familiar with on the water hazards and especially, where do I launch and fill up on gas?