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If you do something bone-headed, like forgetting to fill the oil tank in your injected boat or ski, admit it. I have heard "the orl injections system jus quit werkin" so many times, or "I herd the url injektion quits on em, i aint guna yous it" so much it makes me sick.

How is it between the 7+ injected boats my family has owned, that not one to this day has "quid werkin". Out of all those boats, only one ski had the oil pump replaced, and that is because the engine was rebuilt due to being wore out from day one to 1996, and my dad likes to replace things, just because. It can't happen as often as people are claiming. I understand things fail, hoses come loose, people forget to inspect them, they dry-rot and leak, but that is a maintenance failure. The lights and beepers are there for a reason!

Yes modified people, I understand why you don't use oil injection. Yes OCD people, I understand you want a perfect ratio. Yes virginia, there is a..... wait, what was I ranting about?

Fill your oil when you fill you gas, its not rocket surgery.

Yep... I agree 100%.

In most of my threads on the oil injection... I can put the blame back on the owner. They like to say... "I lost an engine because of the crap oil injection." When in reality they never serviced the oil system. and after +15 years... the filter was plugged up... or the little injection hoses broke.

People like to blame the engineers, when it was really their fault.

With seadoo... there are only 2 things you can blame on the engineers. 1) The 1997.5 951 engine. 2) ceramic supercharger washers. There are things I may have done different... but the oil system is pretty bullet proof.
I'm no expert, but I have worked on a lot of ski's. Probably the most neglected item on a SeaDoo is the small oil injection lines. Really not a big deal to replace.

The Rotax engines are very proven. As a matter of fact, they are used in AIRPLANES!!!! Think about it. You can't pull an airplane over to the side of the road if something goes wrong. Do you really think they would use it in an airplane if it was bulletproof? It used to be just experimentals but now I see them in production aircraft too. SeaDoo doesn't make the 2 strokes, Rotax does and they are an amazing company. Man up when you mess up! That or don't bitch!

Stepping down off of my soapbox,