1. Collinfox01

    Over filled the oil tank

    So my father was topping off my oil tank on my 01 Seadoo gtx millennium and over filled it to the point the oil was coming out of the filler cap. Should I just run it or pump some of it out?
  2. Bowser

    Rotax 717 720 Rotary Valve Cover & Oil Injector Assembly

    eBay item number: 125463971734 SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Rotax Rotary Valve Cover & Oil Injector Assembly Assembly condition: good Oil Pump Flanged P/N: 290 810 781 Rotary Valve Cover P/N: 290 810 528 Oil Pump Assembly P/N: 290 996 725 Original O-ring condition fair. P/N: 293 300 023 Mounting...
  3. Bowser

    FOR SALE SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly

    SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly Assembly condition: good Oil Pump Flanged P/N: 290 810 781 Rotary Valve Cover P/N: 290 810 528 Oil Pump Assembly P/N: 290 996 725 Original O-ring condition fair. P/N: 293 300 023 Mounting Screws condition: very good, new stainless steel lock washers...
  4. S

    What non TC-w3 oil to use on 02’ bombardier RX??

    I’ve been researching oils and besides the Seadoo brand I’m not sure what to get. I know I’m supposed to get a BOMBARDIER ROtax SYNTHETIC 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil Low ash thats certified API TC and to NOT use tc-w3. Everything I find on google is Tc-w3 or outboard oils. Can someone...
  5. J

    2013 GTI 130 4tec stuck in limp

    Hey all! I have a 2013 gti and it’s been running great the last couple weeks. Yesterday i was running it quite hard, WOT most of the time jumping waves and stuff. About an hour into the ride it stopping going over idle speed. My gauges are shot (have a new one just need to install and get it...
  6. D

    Oil adjustment / running lean?

    I just recently rebuilt an 04 seadoo gti 717. I'm running full synthetic seadoo oil. I didn't go pre mix but I did add extra oil to the tank just to help the break in period. I am almost done with the tank and I pulled the plugs expecting them to be black but they are light brown. Before I put a...
  7. B

    GTI SE 170 - Oil on Spark Plug Threads

    Was finally time to de-winterize both my ski’s today (did oil change and fogged the cylinders in the fall). I fired them up and let each one run with the hose for a minute or so to let the fogging oil burn off before swapping the plugs. When I pulled the plugs, I noticed (and was reminded)...
  8. N

    Oil coming out of exhaust

    I've got a 1995 Seadoo XP and I've just noticed a fair bit of black oil coming out of the exhaust. I had it running with the hose attached on the trailer Seems strange because it's a premix 2 stroke... i.e. you premix the oil and fuel and then pour it into the fuel tank, so I don't understand...
  9. DJ230xp

    Dip Stick… 2007 230 Wake for example:

    My dip sticks do not look anything like the owner manual shows. Maybe my engines were replaced by previous owner(s)!? Wouldn’t be lucky! Anyone know if I’m assuming correctly what the bends in the stick indicate? No markings whatsoever, just the kinks in the stick. The engines are oddly clean…...
  10. B

    1996 seadoo xp mineral to full synthetic

    I recently purchased this ski. Previous owner told me he only ran XPS mineral oil in it. I can not for the life of me find PWC mineral oil. I can find SNOW XPS mineral oil. I want to switch to full synthetic for ease of access to the oil. From my readings on here I am not sure if I should drain...
  11. Toojay7

    951 / 947 oil leak

    My 99 xp limited is leaking oil. It doesn’t look to be coming from the oil tank as I see no drip residue. Please see the attached photos. Any idea where it’s leaking from? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  12. M

    Oil pool in haul

    Hi guys, I’m new to PWC’s so pardon my inexperience. Im attempting to fix up some 95 SP’s. They haven’t been taken out in about 6 years and there is oiled pooled in the haul. The oil tank is almost empty as well. Based on what I’ve read it seams like the grommet is bad on the tank but where the...
  13. B

    Engine Oil Level and check engine warning

    I have a 2013 GTI 130 and the oil was replaced about 10 hours ago. Last night my son claimed that he got a check engine warning with an alarm. We immediately turned off the ski and turned it back on and the warning went away. We drove it about 15 more minutes back to the ramp and took it out...
  14. N

    2 Stroke Oil 2001 GTI Please help!

    Would this oil Suffice? for injector oil
  15. R

    Where is the "oil pump lever" on a 787 engine (1999 GTX RFI)?

    I found an awesome thread here where @racerxxx explains how to drain and refill the oil on my GTX RFI. The manual and @racerxxx both say to open the oil pump lever in full position to ensure all oil lines fill. I am aware of the throttle lever, but I cannot find the oil pump lever. Anyone...
  16. M

    2005 Sporster LE... Process of Oil Filter

    How difficult is it to perform a oil filter change on the boat? Special tools? Thank you
  17. F

    How to turn off “low oil” warning?

    I finished getting my ski back together and now that I have it running where I want it I can start to worry about small things, so does anyone know how to turn off the low oil light on a 97 gsx? Ive done a premix conversion and have enough oil in the tank for the rotary valve but the warning...
  18. Keepinitbreezy

    Ran my rxp with too much oil help

    I overfilled my 2005 sea doo rxp with way too much oil and I took it out to the water it ran good for like 10 min then the oil light came on and the cluster said oil and it was in limp mode after that I took it home noticed I had overfilled it by a lot no water was in the oil I got the level to...
  19. Hankst3r

    717 totally dry

    I have a 717 that has not been ran in years, and i have all new dry lines, a fully empty bone dry gas tank, and oil tank with nothing in it. what all do i need to do in order to get the right juices in the right locations? and will the crankcase oil make its way back to the reservoir by itself...
  20. B

    787 Rotax Starboard Port on Block

    Got my 787 rotax installed back into the craft and have begun the reassembly process. I noticed this port diagonal from the center of the rotary valve, does anybody know what it is for? I have searched the owners manual over throughly and can’t find any mention of it, however I doubt any OEM...