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  • I have a 1998 seadoo challenger 2 strokes.

    I've just change my wear ring and removed the empeller. I'm wondering what kind of oil to put back in the bearing inside the cone?
    Dr Honda, i had a question regarding a 2002 seadoo challenger 240 efi M2. i have been having issues with it not starting when hot, the guy who is working on it is telling me it needs a new oil pump as no matter how far he adjusts it it still runs at full oil? does that sound plausible? Thank you for your assistance and best regards,
    Hi you help me back in 2012 when I first start boating, with a 1995 Speedster. I writing to say that I think I found problem with the reverse function of this boat. If you look at a 1800 or even a 1997 speedster you will see that sea-doo place a block plate on each reverse gate one on each inter side where water norming comes out when in reverse. this force the water to come out outer side only. It reverse now
    ...and the 2nd one, it just died (as below) and on restart the engine noise was different and no power and no idle without throttle? Opened the back and a thick black pipe was off the exhaust black expansion plastic tubes(?) Put it back on and things improved, but water in the engine bay, got going again but still just cutting out....
    Hi there, hope you can help! I just bought a 1998 Speedster, 220hp. It's been running fine, until i filled it up. I got it with a full tank and no issues, filled it and the probelms seem to have started??
    1st one is it just dies, both engines out. does not matter what speed, almost like the lanyard is pulled off?
    Hey. Doc.. I have a 01 speedster. With a merc v6 efi. When we hit 50mph or high. After a minute or two.. The engine will cut out and restart...and it will also cut out all together and have to restart. Any suggestions. Thank you jeff
    Hey Doc.
    I have a 1998 Seadoo Sportster 1800. I have the carbs off and would like to have them rebuilt and cleaned. Is this something you are still doing? If so, let me know the process, timing and cost.
    In addition, while I have them off, is there anything else you suggest that I do? Thanks.

    Hi Doc. I have had a 1996 Seadoo GTX for about 5 years. It typically runs fine but the other day my son said the lanyard key came partially off while he was standing and the ski started popping and stalling. Now I can start the ski but it wont idle and wnen you hit the gas full throttle it goes only 9 MPH at 3500 RPMs. I changed the spark plugs figuring easiest thing first thinking they were fouled and no change. I buddy said maybe something in the gas so he suggested Seafoam so I put a pint in of that and still no change. Any thoughts on what to do next? I'm thinking of easiest first because I dont have the $ to pay for a professional but want to get back out on the water. Any suggestions.
    Are you still selling the bearing press tool? I went on A&L Motorsports and it's says that you closed intill early summer. If you still sell the bearing press tool how much are you selling it for?

    I need a couple decals made. I sent you a couple PM's with a photo but they didn't seem to go thru. Let me now if you're interested.


    Steve Martinko
    You were mentioned on making graphics and stickers. Did not know if it was something you still did.

    I have a 95 Sportster and I need 3:

    sea-doo 219900769 (side left)
    sea-doo 219900638 (trunk)
    sea-doo 219900606 (trunk powered by rotax)

    Please let me know if you can make them and what the price is for all three. Thanks so much.

    D. Mark Newman
    I heard you were able to make the "Seadoo" logo for the back of the 1998 Seadoo speedster. If so, how much would it cost? I'd also need the arrow shaped rubber pads that go just above it. If not, do you know where I could get a pattern to make one?
    Good Morning Doc., question if you don't mind. The threaded reverse cable lock, item 30 per parts manual broke off in its thru hull housing/fitting. Removed cable linkage to reverse scoop and associated hardware in order to gain clearance to area. What is the best way to remove the threaded piece left in the "fitting", could not find item #/name online, that goes through the strn/hull. If I can pull the cable forward somewhat I might be able to use a ez out to remove, or do I have to pull rear if pump housing off or whatever. My other challange is the ski in on a boat lift over water, if I have to splash to move to trailer for repairs will the bilge fill with salt water in the process.
    Thank you....
    Dear Doc, A few weeks ago, my brother was using his 2006 Islandia. He called me the next day and said that the engine compartment was full of water. The engines were covered. We got it up to the shore and pumped the water out. I checked both of the Rotax engines and there was water in the oil. I pumped out about three quarts of oil from each engine and put new oil in. The oil became creamy again. I discovered that water was in the intake manifold and removed as much of that as possible. Both engines are no longer throwing out water from the cylinders when I have the spark plugs out. Both engines will now run. Should I run the engines with the creamy/milky oil, or try to change the oil again before I run them for a normal "outing" on the lake? Also, I am considering adding some Sea Foam to the crank case to see if this will eliminate some of the water in the oil. Do you have any advice for me? I don't want to ruin the engines. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.
    Dr. Honda, what is the process for sending you Mikuni carbs for rebuild? I've read several posters here rave about your carb rebuild.

    The left 717 in my 2001 Challenger won't idle without stalling and won't hold power levels. I'm guessing it needs a carb rebuild. Although running well, while at it I'll pull the right and get it worked on too.

    Can you tell me where to send the carbs, when you could work on them, how long it takes, and cost? I assume they should be carefully packed...etc. Anything I need to do special when removing them? I've taken the right carb off before so no problem with procedure. Should I remove the throttle lever and choke, or leave them attached?
    Dr Honda,

    I want to replace the "grey fuel lines" for my 97 Seadoo xp and I know where to get them and how much each foot of hose costs. But how many feet do I need to replace it completely? Thanks you Help Dr., I pulled my 2005 130hp seadoo sportster jet boat down to Florida yesterday, put it in the water, and it wouldn't go faster than 5mph no matter the rpm. It did this until we stopped at a beach for a while, and then it started working fine again until I stopped for a moment and then back to the 5 mph thing again. It comes and goes. It did this a few weeKs ago as well.
    Hey Dr. Honda maybe you can help. I have a 2006 honda 225hp v tec motor. at idle she goes goes from 1000rpm's to
    1200 rpm's then back down to 1000rpm's.. up and down.? she has been stalling also when going into gear.Any suggestions? thanks JSMS
    Hey Dr Honda.. I know your a busy guy so I'll just drop you this quick line. Thanks man for all the expertise. I've been reading your posts and learned a lot. I'm sure everyone would agree that the fact you take the time to share your expertise is very kind! Do you work in this type of industry? I notice people asking you to do work etc. I'd be really happy to support a business that has someone contributing to the community like this.

    Anyway... I don't need anything today but I figured I better butter you up some before I do. LOL.. Kidding man.. Thanks a lot!
    I have a 97 GTI , that loses power after vthe first few runs, It will do 50 the first couple times then 30 to 35 after that could u check my thread 1997 GTI at it again, wasn't sure how to link it to u.
    I also need my regi numbers for Xp but want them to match my other Xp both 96. Should I take photo and send to u. No rush until coast gaurd gets me. Let me know how to do this I am new but love ur work. Need to match a tweety bird on rear of doo also
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