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  • I also need my regi numbers for Xp but want them to match my other Xp both 96. Should I take photo and send to u. No rush until coast gaurd gets me. Let me know how to do this I am new but love ur work. Need to match a tweety bird on rear of doo also
    Dr. Honda,

    I cannot find my original post which you answered correctly. I have a 2001 Sea Doo Speedster 240. My electrical B Bus was not working and you correctly identified the problem as a blown fuse behind the battery switch. Now that I have put the fuse in, it sounds like the sump pump is on all of the time. I pulled the sump pump fuse and shut off the battery rotary dial but I still hear the sound of what sounds like the sump pump. Do you know if there is something else that would sound like a pump in the engine compartment but is not the sump pump? I know it is not the blower as I can turn that off and on. I will also post this in the general forum area.

    Thank you in advance
    Thank you. When u get a chance i need the decal on front of cowl? 96 seadoo Xp. Read they were unavailable steer me in right direction or make one for me when u have chance no rush will pay pal u in advance . Also is there a video or an explanation of the dess and mpem systems available.
    Dr Honda

    I am new to this forum and I am having problems with my 94 xp i just had the carbs rebuilt because I would go for about 25 yards and it would die it turns on quickly but dies again if I go full throttle. They replaced the fuel filter as well, do you know what the problem could be? Any suggestions would be helpful>
    Hello, Do you still rebuild carbs? I have a set for a 96 GTX that needs you magic!
    Thank you,
    Looking for some discontinued items for my challenger 2000. Ive done dealer searches and ebay. Any ideas?
    Part numbers: 204900572; 204900587; 204900595; 204900134; 204900136; 204900721; 204900462; 204900224; 204900162; 204900225; 204900580
    Dr. H! You are the man! Great posts! I've learned a lot from you. Thanks! Next question, I have a 95 Speedster, had it in the water ONE time. Right engine throttle cable broke. I have replaced it. Both engines start and idle fine. When I accelerate them both engines "bog down". They have no power. My first thought was the high speed jets are clogged because that is what I would check on my boat. I know nothing about these carbs other than what I have tried to figure out from the manual. Was hoping you could tell me what my next step should be to solving this problem.
    Thanks for all of the good information you have contributed to the community. I have been reading and reading and reading learning skis and I have read lots of your posts and just wanted to say thanks. You have helped without even knowing it!
    my 2001 seadoo gtx rfi motor was rebuilt (new pistons & crank) and starts up i took it to the lake and ran for about 1/4-1/2 mile then it shut off, but will start up right away. got it back to trailer and was gassing it and never shut off i let it idle and was ok. i took it home to check on the fuel injectors got them off and where spraying desent amount. but know when i start the seadoo it will idle but when i gas it it shuts off. gas is about 1year old. need help thx
    hey doc i hear your the man on explaining pop off? i have read it lots trying to set this 1992 sp up.. i still cant get the thing to run right.. i have a post ongoing right now.. just looking for a bit of insight. hope you can help. thanks.
    Dr. Honda, heard you rebuild carbs. Have a Mikunno carb for a 1995 SP that needs to be rebuilt. A couple of questions, would you like to rebuild for me, how much it will cost, how to ship it(ie, in a zip lock & box & USPS) and where to ship it? It is pretty junked up. Had the original fuel lines but have replaced them. Will start but is suffering from fuel starvation.

    Dr. Honda,

    I am new to this forum and I have a thread up right now titled "1996 XP failing". I keep getting referred to you, so is there a way you can chime in and give me your opinion? One member said to send you my carbs and have you look at them. Can you tell me how to go about doing that?
    Tony, Sorry to send you a private message but I've been trying to figure out how to install a tach on my 96 XP. I noticed in the shop manual that it shows wires for a tach (in the electrical schematic) but I don't have one on my boat. Will a tach from a 96 GTX that has the 787 work on my boat? Will I have to disconnect anything? where and how does it hook up? I know the tiny tach can be easily connected to the spark plug wire but I would really like to get an analog if at all possible. Thanks and again I apologize for send the PM. :cheers:
    Hey Tony ,
    I was wondering if you came up with anymore solutions to my problem with the 1995 Speedster running for 10 mins. and then quitting and being able to start , but not running over 1,500 rpms.... Larry
    Dr. Honda. Sent you a private message regarding problems with a '96GTX. Any help you can offer is appreciated.
    I had a carb issue that flooded an engine. How do I fully get all of the stuff drained out? There is a ton of oil/gas in the crankcase. Do I just take out the plugs and let it turn over with a rag over the spark plug holes?
    Hey Dr. honda, how do i go about testing the rotary valve on my 1997 xp (787 engine). We've done everything else except check the timing of that and the pressure of the crankshaft.... I'm really hoping that gets it going! The rotary valve has not been disassembled or touched since the last time it ran fine. :( It is backfiring continuously through the rear carb. thanks for your input!
    Dr. Honda, Thank you so much for all your help to everyone on this forum. You have so much experience and invaluable expertise. You have helped me on so many things with my boat. It is an honor to have you on here and involved. Hope this makes your day and when have a bad day please refer back to this and know that you are appreciated!!!
    Hi I seen you made a sticker for another member it was a black and yellow "GSX Seadoo" sticker. Would you be able to replicate it? and at what cost? Thanks!
    I am new to the seadoo world. I have a 1995 seadoo speedster, the left engine feels like it free spins when I have three adults in the boat at 5000 RPM. I have read a lot of post on here about this issue....If i add grease to the seal coupler this problem goes away for awhile then i have to add more grease. what should i look at or replace?
    I have been using standard grease not a waterproof grease could this be causing my troubles?
    hay tony im not going to ask a question here because i know you ne ver check it lol and it says so on your page at the bottom of your replys. is it frustrating that they still ask here? just wanted to say thanks for all your help.
    Frankie ray
    i am told you are the guy to ask about sea doo carbs i have a question hopefully you can answer my carbs were rebuilt on my 96 gti the thing ran like crap once i got it back so i pulled the carbs off of it and found that the guy replaced the needle but not the seat, i have heard that they are matched together, should this effect it and i am not sure if he replaced the springs with the right one i have read there is like 4 different ones you can use. do you know how to figure out which one my machine needs and if he used the wrong ones i am getting ready to order a rebuild kit and wanted to pick your brain before i ordered it
    any advice you have would be greatly appreciated thank you mike
    I'm John Lombino and just joined
    . I saw your input on the gray gas lines and I want to replace mine.
    What lines should I buy? Is it 5/16 for the gas or 1/4 what size? and how many ft. do I need ( aprx)? I have a 1997 SPX and 1997 GTI Sea-Doo
    Are there differen't sizes for the vent lines vs gas?
    Hey Tony my ski was only running about 35mph an I was reading another thread about the on/reserve could possibly be clogged and holding me back. I rode the ski today on reserve and it ran great about 50 mph. After riding at full throttle for about an hour and letting it sit for about 15 minutes I am still getting the 12 volt low reading even after I installed a new rectifier assembly and a new battery.
    Any other suggestions on what I could look for???
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