check engine light

  1. N

    Check Engine

    I have a 2012 GTI130SE that randomly throws a Check Engine warning. I had it scanned, nothing. It doesn't go into limp mode and top end isn't affected. It just randomly beeps for 5 seconds and the check engine light comes then less than a minute later, the check engine light turns off like...
  2. N

    Check engine and oil light comes on P0524

    Have a 2021 230 GTR. Had it winterized/serviced/oil change at the end of last season by dealer. Upon putting it back on the water this year it immediately threw a check engine light. When the rpms would get above 2500 or so it would throw the oil light and go into limp mode and states to stop...
  3. S

    Challenger 230 Check Engine Light

    Hey guys, We recently got a 2007 Challenger 230 310HP and after about 30-45min on the water we get a check engine light on only the starboard engine. We were told by a shop that the engine "ran a little hot" because the impeller was torn up, so we installed new wear rings and impellers, but we...
  4. R

    Wake pro 230 fault code p0298

    Hi guys could do with a massive help. I currently have a wake pro 230 2018 model. Owned this ski about 1 year. Recently I have been having an issue that the ski will throw up a fault code P0298. The code appears around 1 hour or more of riding and the ski will say check engine and the...
  5. P

    2012 Sea Doo GTX 260 Limited IBR light with codes

    Please help. While riding the jet ski IBR light and check engine light came on. Found exhaust temperature sensor melted, melted water tubes. Replaced exhaust temperature sensor, replaced tubes on port rear side of ski that melted to exhaust. Drove jet ski everything worked, all lights off, no...
  6. NPack

    07 Seadoo RXT P1502 Code - TOPS Functional Problem

    Hi Folks, I have an 07 Seadoo RXT that started throwing a P1502 error code at me. With this code, I get the 2 second beep at start up, the flashing check engine light, and then it will beep at me again every 15 minutes. The ski is also limited to 5000 RPMs, 35mph max, and limited acceleration...
  7. L

    Limp home mode and check engine light

    I have a 2013 seadoo GTR215, when I went to take it out for the first time this season it wouldn't start. It said limp home mode on the display and the service engine light lit up. After several times of trying to start it I did get it going, drove it around a little it drove ok no engine light...
  8. R

    2015 Seadoo RXT260 Major engine problem- Oil in hull, water in oil

    Today I was riding around, all of the sudden oil pressure light goes on, check engine light goes on, ski went into limp mode and would only move ~5mph. Pulled the ski out and looked inside, milky liquid (oil and water mixed) spewed all over inside, looks like it was just spraying all around...
  9. R

    2015 RXT 260 IBR Failure, Low Battery Voltage?

    Hello all- seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my 2015 Seadoo RXT 260. Today I was cruising around the lake and after about an hour, maybe 2 hours of riding, I came to a stop and noticed the ski would not go into neutral or reverse and the IBR light was solid red, not flashing. I...
  10. T

    2004 GTX 4Tec - Newbie - "Check Engine" after going over Wake

    I have only had this ski for a short time and do not suspect a real mechanical issue because it is in immaculate condition with low hours and old man use. Was riding and hit a boat wake a little off which forced a "Check Engine" alarm and what seemed like the "Limp Mode" to kick in. There was...
  11. S

    Check engine light flashing

    The check engine light has flashed on and i pulled a P0116 fault code. That is the engine temp sensor faulty. could this be a problem with the waterpump or thermostat. I am going to test the resistance on the sensor tonight and pull out with harness hooked to sensor and heat up with heat gun to...
  12. S

    OPAS Support broke off

    The OPAS support and rudder broke off on one of my 2002 gtx 4tech limited and since then my check engine light is flashing. everything ran great before it broke. could that be what's making the check engine light flash.
  13. B

    Rxt-x 260 2010 computer issues

    Hi everyone, so basically i was out riding my 2010 rxt-x 260 today, it has 52 hours on it and has always worked great. until today when i was driving it out on my lake, and the check engine light came on. also this had happened the day before and we took it to the dealer and they said it was...
  14. shamski

    2003 Sportster 4tec - Starter Issue?

    Was out for the first time today with her (weather here has sucked for months), and it issues began ... she started fine in the driveway, but at the lake wouldn't turn over. Pressing the ignition button, just caused the solenoid to fire, and then a click from the starter. Arrrggg! After much...
  15. D

    rought idle and low rpm surge on 2003 seadoo sportster 4 tec nonSC

    New to this forum. Seems incredibly helpful. Alot of very knowledgeable folks out there. New owner of a used sportster. 2003 4tec nonSC. Live in Florida, salt water. Had a mechanic inspect. good compression all cylinders, no visible engine problems. Ran fine on hose, though loud. First run...