OPAS Support broke off

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The OPAS support and rudder broke off on one of my 2002 gtx 4tech limited and since then my check engine light is flashing. everything ran great before it broke. could that be what's making the check engine light flash.
No, there aren't any sensors in the OPAS system.

If you have a mode button on your handlebars, press it 4-5 times in a row while the check engine light is on and it should give you an error code which you can then Google to find out what it means.

- Michael
Oh, and there is a Sticky thread of P fault code descriptions at the top of this forum. You need to get the P code number 1st though.

- Michael
Thanks for your help Michael. I didn't see any sensors for that system however thought I would ask. I do know about the diagnostic mode.
that is my next step. wish i had checked it when it was having the problem on the water. i will have to run it again and see if i can get a fault code.

I ran my seadoo today and pulled a P0116 fault code. P0116 is engine temp sensor faulty. I will try replacing it, I don't think it is getting hot. anyone have any input??
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