carbon ring

  1. G

    2018 GTX 155 - is this worn carbon ring/seal?

    bought a used 2018 GTX 155 with 75 hours and paint is flaking off on the engine valve cover and back of the engine where the drive shaft attaches to. Called one of the repair shops and he mentioned it is because the carbon seal is bad and it is spraying water onto the engine. It will cost...
  2. H

    787 ugly under head surprise 98 speedster

    In my 1998 speedster the boat engine was not starting right, randomly shutting off, didn’t run right, stall at low rpm, had a vibration/rattling noise coming from back ,etc. I decided to do a full tuneup to see whats up (carbs, new filters, oil, head gaskets, peek inside to check pistons, plugs...
  3. C

    Drive shaft

    I hoping you guys can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong if anything is wrong at all. I’ve been working on a over haul on a 97 GSX I replaced the carbon seal and when I reinstall the drive shaft I have this little space between the impeller boot and the flange on the driveshaft I don’t know...
  4. W

    GTI-130- Does my jet pump need rebuild?

    Hey guys! I took my 2008 Seadoo GTI 130 in for a carbon ring replacement because it was taking on water. I just got a text saying it needs the wear ring and pump rebuilt with the attached picture. Total cost $1600. Was only supposed to be $290 as I provided the carbon ring. What should I do...
  5. PolarCelsius

    Carbon ring seal replacement and half moon clip NOT FITTING?

    Replaced the carbon ring along with the bellow, steel ring, and new half moon clip The half moon won't recede into the steel ring? No matter how hard I try it won't go inside The two pieces came together in a kit, I would think they would fit each other I'm almost certain it's not supposed to...
  6. Codyth92

    96 GTX Carbon Ring

    I’ve got a 96 GTX 787 and I’ve had cavitation issues, I’ve replaced the wear ring, impeller ( Nujet Destroyer 15/23 pitch ) and drive shaft is in perfect condition. Carbon ring looks okay but I’m thinking that’s the only thing left. Engine runs great and is revving like it should but isn’t...
  7. L

    96 gti bombarfier , pulling driveshaft replace bellow

    any suggestions as i pull this leaking bellow , i should do .... while im in this propulsion removal ..
  8. 3ftDeep

    How To Replace The Carbon Ring On Your Sea-Doo PWC

    This video shows how to replace the carbon ring on your Sea-Doo personal water craft. Performed on a 2004 RXP Sea Doo, this step-by-step video takes you through all the critical steps required to replace this critical component. If you like our videos, please subscribe...
  9. louinnorth

    Carbon Ring Worn? 1997 Seadoo GSi

    Good afternoon, Great forum and I've learned a lot about PWC's! I have a "rattle to the bone" sway/cavitation once I hit 4000 rpm's. Replaced the impeller and pump but the problem still lingers. Water was getting in the hull so I yanked the shaft and will replace everything. Just wondering if...
  10. S

    Help Almost Sunk my Ski

    I have an 05 Seadoo GTI 720. broke a few motor mounts engine slid forward, submerged my ski entire engine under water. I was able to flush the water out of the cylinders and get it started to flush the engine. I know I need to replace all four motor mounts. I assume the carbon ring is shot...
  11. M

    Wear Ring woes.

    Hi all, I've been a lurker on this page for quite some time and have pulled some really valuable information from you wonderful people. My question i feel is unique mainly because i haven't seen this happen to anybody else when i searched. I own a 2007 Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 and have changed...
  12. blackwellchris2000

    98 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft Removal

    Ok, it has to be spring, because I'm here asking for help again lol. So we've managed to get the stainless ring back far enough to remove the c Clip. I won't tell you that the amount of literal blood, sweat, and expletives that went into this. On the port side, we were able to get it to go...
  13. Shane0524

    Mysterious cavitation!?

    I have a 1996 GTX. It started to cavitate a little during a standstill hole shot. So I figured it was time to pull the pump. I pulled the pump and found the wear ring in pretty decent shape but the prop was quite chewed. It had a bent blade some good dents and a lot of leading edge damage. I...
  14. blackwellchris2000

    1998 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft removal

    My buddy and I are trying to remove our wear rings and carbon rings to fix some cavitation issues that we've had the past couple of years. (actually found a rock the size of a golf ball in the impelller so thinking that might help a good bit too). So we've got the wear rings under control, but...
  15. T

    Stripped impeller and shaft, shaft rubbing on carbon ring.

    I've got a 2011 GTS. around 350 hours. The splines are almost completely stripped on the impeller and the drive shaft. After I pulled the pump and shaft I noticed wear on the shaft and found it had been rubbing on the carbon ring. Is my engine way out of alignment or did the play caused by...
  16. B

    No Carbon Ring???

    Hey guys, first off I want to say thanks to all who contribute to this forum. I've never posted before because i've always been able to search and find solutions to the problems I had. Ok, so here's the deal. I took my 1996 GTX the other day and noticed it took on water; A lot of water...
  17. Chips

    Using Rubber Fitting instead of "Protection Hose"/"Protective Boot" for Drive System

    I have a 1997 Speedster and can't get in time for this weekend, an OEM boot that covers the axle and connects to the carbon ring and hull insert. I am thinking my worn out boot is causing cavitation since I have tried every other area if potential issue for the problem. I am wondering if...
  18. stfoulks

    98 Sportster 1800 - Replacing Carbon Ring, Any Advice?

    I have cavitation problems in my starboard 717. After a lot of reading, I know that the 2 most likely culprits are the wear ring and the carbon ring, in my case the carbon ring seems more likely. A couple of questions for the more experienced folks would help me do this properly... Do I...