1997 xp

  1. T

    1997 XP has no torque

    I have a '97 XP with a freshly rebuilt engine that fires right up and sounds great, but feels like it has absolutely zero torque out of the hole. When you gun it, it feels like nothing happens at all, other than the engine revving up. Once it's up to speed, it feels alright, but the response to...
  2. J

    1997 seadoo xp

    Hello this is my first post on here and i just need some help figuring something out I have a 1997 seadoo xp complete rebuilt engine and it tries to turn over but just can’t it sounds like it wants to it has spark everytime we turn it over for about a minute or two it just breaks the clip on...
  3. T

    1997 XP supercharger whine

    So, to just get it out of the way: Yes, I am very dumb, should have read the stickies, etc etc. With that out of the way, I'm looking for some assistance with a 1997 XP a friend recently purchased. After having just bought a non-running 1996 XP and finding it was gummed up and flooding due to...
  4. Gdgough12

    Recharge jet. 1997 xp carb.

    What’s a good substitute for this part. I lost my recharge jet and they don’t sell them anymore. What’s a good substitute for it. Thanks!?!? I DONT WANT TO REJET THE CARB. I just need this one part. The card has already been rebuilt.
  5. K

    Seadoo XP 97 - Won't go over 5 mph

    Hello, I am a total newbie to the PWC world. I was given a 97 xp as a project jet ski August 2019 and had no clue where to start until reading these forums. I began by emptying the bad gas and got a new battery. Got some new spark plugs, new gas and eventually got the thing started. The idling...
  6. Beatonc

    1997 Sea Doo Bombadier XP

    Hello! So this past Saturday I bought a 97' Sea Doo Bombardier XP. Sunday I took it out (the day after I bought it) and it started fine, idled fine and then when I got out of the No Wake zone I went full throttle and it seem very very slow to plane. I would say it took about 6 seconds. Its...
  7. B

    1997 Sea Doo XP - Hesitation from Idle to Low Throttle & Uncommon Stall off Throttle

    Hey everyone, I'm a total newbie with PWC's (since I just got mine last weekend), so excuse my bad explanation of the problem... Doing the best I can. I read nearly all the threads on this type of issue for about 5 hours yesterday, so I'm aware of all the potential causes but I guess I need a...
  8. g_campbell

    1997 XP - Just completed my first ride - I have questions

    Hey guys, I just completed my first ride on my 1997 XP. I bought the XP broken and rebuilt the engine. Bored it .030 over. But anyway I have a few questions and one issue that I need to address. Question first, let's start off by saying the VTS is broken, working on that... But I set the...
  9. g_campbell

    Guys I need your help!!! Finalizing 787 install 1997 XP

    I have a rebuilt 787 that I have installed back in the hull of my 1997 xp. There are several hoses and cables that I did not remove and I am absolutely clueless as to where they belong! Please help!!
  10. dugedug4

    1997 XP Carb Issues/Rebuild

    Just picked up a 1997 XP last week, my first jet ski so i'm trying to get up to speed. This forum has been a great help so far so thanks to all contributors. The first time I put it in the water I had a problem with acceleration, getting to speed very slowly topping out around 30 MPH with...
  11. D

    97 Seadoo XP won't start

    Hi, I have a 1997 Seadoo XP that won't start. It has a new starter, new battery, and a new solenoid. When I go to plug in the lanyard it doesn't beep like it should but the gauges move. When I hit the start button the motor will make noise like a bumping noise, but it won't always crank...
  12. M

    1997 xp falls on its face at WOT, then surges....falls on its face.

    I can't seem to get full throttle for more than a sec, it keeps surging. All new lines/ carb filters. I bought it with a blown engine so I have no Idea how it ran before and I didn't adjust carbs. seems to run fine except when I try for WOT
  13. M

    1997 787 xp pto repair

    Has anyone tried to drill and bolt a slipping 787 xp PTO?
  14. homerson

    97 XP piston seized. What to do? (pics)

    I have a 1997 Sea Doo XP. I bought this ski used, in June and have run it for about 10 hours. One trip out it started having reduced performance and could sputtered around. I read about the crappy default fuel lines so I decided to replace them hoping this would fix the issue. I also put on...
  15. H

    1997 XP 787 - Backfire, Flooding, Low Compression on 1 Cylinder

    Need help on this one! Possibly even a therapist! 1997 XP 787 - Backfire / Flooding / Low Compression on 1 cylinder I just replaced a non-working coil with a pretty corroded one that had cleaned up to get a spark on this ski that was running perfect last year. Got ski to crank and sounded...
  16. H

    1997 SeaDoo XP - Coil Missing (Need pics) / Wiring / Spark

    Hey guys!!! I just got my '97 XP back after a family member was testing it out to buy it. He said he couldn't get it started so he went to tearing into it (it was running last time I rode it). Long story short... he discarded the coil that was most likely still good and I noticed a couple of...
  17. K

    Sea Doo 1997 XP starting problem

    Im a new member. Love the site so far. I have a fantastic 1997 Sea Doo XP that is currently starting and running fine. My problem is that sometimes when I'm out riding and park it floating in the water for a half an hour for a beer or something and it wont start. It happened two...
  18. R

    Please, any help is greatly appreciated. Won't start, will start, backfires.

    Hey guys, not sure how to create a new thread yet but I hope you can help me!! I have a 1997 seadoo xp (787 engine). I had it out on the lake once this year, tipped it after a long day and it stopped running... took it home dried it out, took the whole top half of the engine apart and replaced...
  19. R

    1997 seadoo xp won't start, will start, backfires

    Hey guys, not sure how to create a new thread yet but I hope you can help me!! I have a 1997 seadoo xp (787 engine). I had it out on the lake once this year, tipped it after a long day and it stopped running... took it home dried it out, took the whole top half of the engine apart and replaced...
  20. K

    1997 Seadoo XP Intake Grate

    I have a 97 XP and the stock intake grate was ripped out some how. I've been reading threads and I see a lot of other people have this problem and also have the problem of the two rear screw holes not being threaded. The Seadoo site suggests using loctite red on those two screws so here is what...