1. A

    Does my supercharger need service?

    Hello Everyone, I’m new on here trying to look for some answers. I recently bought a 2008 Seadoo Wake 215 SC with 200 miles on it. First time riding it ran rough due to bad spark plugs. I have updated the spark plugs, oil change & coolant flush now. Basic service. When taken out I was able to...
  2. T

    2006 RXT Knocking noise at 3000RPM

    Hi all, I wanted to see if I could get some help figuring out this weird issue I'm having with a 2006 RXT. I inhereted it from my father with a basically unknown history as he's never been big on any sort of maintenance, and it also sat down in FL uncovered for close to 2 years, so I went...
  3. C

    Supercharger rebuild

    I bought a really clean 04 RXP with only 109 hours. The person I bought it from told me the supercharger was rebuilt at 80 hours. Oil looked clean and it seemed he kept up with all maintenance and was stored in his basement after being winterized every year. I was wondering if I should go ahead...
  4. Setbrew45

    2008 215hp supercharger failure

    Just bought this boat on Sunday, took it out on Tuesday (yesterday) and immediately realized something was definitely wrong. The boat was making some awful grinding noises coming from The engine so I put it back on the trailer brought it home and pulled the SC off. It was missing both of the...
  5. C

    Loud Whining noise on RXT 255

    Hello All, I’ve got a 2008 Sea Doo RXT 255 at 316 hours. I just rebuilt the supercharger using a supercharger rebuild kid on Amazon. After taking it on the water it started out fine for the first 30 min at low speed and when I went full throttle after about 10 minutes I...
  6. S


    Looking to see if anyone can help me out with a problem, lets a friend ride my seadoo and he was spinnin around on it lots. He came back and it wouldn’t go over 25mph usually goes 70mph. Seadoo will start then shut off 10 seconds after. Seems like the machine is bogging and running shitty. Not...
  7. H

    Transporting with supercharger removed?

    Am I safe to transport ski on trailer with the supercharger removed? I want to transport from my shop to house across town but supercharger has been removed and sent in for rebuild. Can I hurt anything internal to the motor by transporting on trailer jiggling around? I will secure hoses/ exhaust...
  8. Planekiller1

    Seadoo 215 Squeal

    So I have a 2005 RXT 215 and I've been chasing an issue for the past 2 years. I get about 35 seconds into a WOT run and then hear a large squeal and loss of power. I pull the power and reset then turn it back on and then I startup like nothing had an issue. I recently had a oil cooler fail and...
  9. robkat

    2004 GTX 4Tec General Questions

    Okay folks, here is where I need some guidance as a NEW PWC owner. Other than watching Youtube videos, I am trying to learn these ski's the best I can to ensure proper use, cleaning, red-flags, etc. So here is what I have questions about, please feel free to chime in on ANY of the questions I...
  10. DiogoS

    Supercharger issue

    Hi folks. I’m new here and would love to have some help from you guys. So let’s start from the beginning: I bought a 2005 rxt 215 about 1 year ago with 150hours and now it’s just over 200hours and the supercharger is fucked (totally fucked) so I tried to remove it but one of those 3 bolts is...
  11. Nick10201

    ‘03 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged RPM Issue

    I recently took my 03 GTX to the bahamas and on the way back it randomly made an awful screeching noise back aft and dropped in RPM and speed to zero from about 5000 rpm/ 30 mph. It immediately picked back up speed and RPM so I figured I sucked something up and it passed through. Fast forward...
  12. Z

    Wake 215 supercharger maintenance

    I have a 07wake 215 and I’m at 107hours. I know I need to rebuild it every 100 but how far over it can I go? I’m short on cash atm to rebuild it but still wanna go out on it. Bad idea? Just some info would be great. New here and thanks for the help in advance
  13. T

    2005 Seadoo RXT loss of power

    So I'm at a bit of a loss for what is wrong with my jetski. I have a 2005 Seadoo RXT. I put it in the water about a week ago after being outside all winter in Minnesota which it was winterized for. However, when I went to drive it that day and also the next weekend, It wasn't able to reach the...
  14. Sharkbaitdude

    Supercharger maintenance on 2008 GTX 155

    I just bought a GTX 155 and took it out for the first time. I noticed that there is a message about "Supercharger Maintenance." I thought that was odd because the model I bought doesn't have a supercharger in it.... or so I thought. Any ideas? TIA!
  15. G

    2009 RXT IS - supercharger and taking on water

    Hi; Am looking for some advice on a couple issues. Bought an 09 rxt is about 5 weeks ago with 49 hours. Now has 57 hours. I wish I had read this forum before buying the machine but it was the best deal around. It ran fine until last weekend. Top speed is about 35 and you can feel the...
  16. T

    Poor performance - mystery problem

    2008 RXT-X supercharged. Had the SC rebuilt and replaced just barely, and the seadoo isn't running well. It will start/idle just fine, but when you drive it, it acts like the learner's key is in or something...feels like there is less power and not supercharged. Then when we drive it harder...
  17. JoeZ

    How to upgrade your 215hp Sea-Doo - XCharger Supercharger

    For those looking to add power to their 215 SeaDoo, this is the #1 upgrade. The X-Charger is featured in all 255/260 skis, so it provides OEM reliability and significant performance increase. It will require 42lb injectors, and most IControl skis are already running them. To complete the...
  18. A

    2005 GTX SC - Rebuilt supercharger - no power

    First post on here but I am lost and need some direction. Couldn't find anything in the search. I have a 2005 SeaDoo GTX SC 185hp. I have next to no experience with these 4 stroke engines. I purchased this Ski a month ago with 85 hours and it was in perfect working order. I noticed that I was...
  19. 3ftDeep

    Supercharger Clutch Slipping Moment Check

    This is the best way to determine if your supercharger is working effectively...! For newer models, check between 100 and 200 hrs. If you like our videos, please Subscribe! (a thumbs up would be nice, too)
  20. 3ftDeep

    Supercharger Clutch Slipping Moment Check

    This is the best way to determine if your supercharger is working effectively...! For newer models, check between 100 and 200 hrs. If you like our videos, please Subscribe! (a thumbs up would be nice, too)