1. F

    '95 Seadoo sp - Engine Turns Slowly

    I just purchased a '95 Seadoo sp and diving into it to get it running. When I connect to boat battery (not jetski battery) via jumper cables and hit the start button (with Lanyard on), the shaft turns very slowly. If I repeat but instead of hitting the start button, I short a screwdriver...
  2. D

    1994 GTS electrical- help please!

    Hello Seadoo community. I've been struggling with my 1994 GTS. I replaced my starter solenoid and stop button, and now I am having the following issue: -only way to start is to have lanyard in, press green start button, and then the "stop" button. Then I release the starter once it starts...
  3. Gman11377

    Replacing the Starter

    So the starter in the 90 GT is toast. Burnt, broken (magnet), seized (bendix) and rusted. I wasn't able to find a new Sea Doo starter anywhere, and I have already rebuilt this one once (2 yrs ago). I knew better than to buy the el cheapo chinesium junk off amazon, but I thought SBT made a pretty...
  4. U

    FOR SALE SBT Starter - Seadoo 800 - 278001301

    NIB SBT Starter 39-107 OEM: 278001301 1995 - 1999 XP 800 /Challenger /GSX /GTX /XP /SPX /Challenger 1800 Sold boat and found the spare starter in a box. Located in West Michigan, but will ship for actual cost. $100 + shipping (actual cost)
  5. V

    '92 GTS Electrical Issues

    I have a weird one on my hands. Working on a ski for a guy, needed a motor. Swapped in the new motor, went to start - nothing. So far I have 1) pulled the starter and tested it. Turns out it was grounding itself. Swapped in a new one. - nothing. 2) Swapped in a new solenoid, wasn't getting...
  6. A

    Ground cable condition? Solenoid issue

    Got to the ramp the other day and pushed the ski off the trailer. Tried to start the motor it dragged then died. Then the solenoid started clicking. I replaced the solenoid and put in a new battery. The engine started up and sounded amazing. I turned it off then click click click in the...
  7. joe.burns91

    GTX RFI troubleshooting sunken ski

    Hello everyone, New to the forum and I've been diagnosing some issues on my 2001 GTX RFI so I thought I would share. Bought the jet ski and it was running a little rough and fouling plugs so I cleaned the RAVE valves and it was running like a dream. Before taking it down to my house on the...
  8. masterjam

    1991 GT - can't remove tuned pipe

    I have a 1991 GT with the yellow 587 motor. I can't get it to turn over, even with a new fully-charged battery. I tested solenoid and start switch: Start switch (0.7 Ω when pressed) Solenoid - closes when start switch activated (1.7 Ω across secondary terminals with solenoid closed) Since...
  9. Z

    96 SP 580 starter rebuild

    I ordered the rebuild kit and pulled the starter today. I was surprised to find water in the starter when i tipped it on its side. Seemed very dirty inside, compared to YouTube videos on how to rebuild starters. I began pulling it apart and found two of the magnets were dislodged from the...
  10. T

    04 Speedster 200 Slow Crank to One Engine

    Hey guys, long time lurker but first time poster. I’ve had an issue with my 2004 Speedster 200 since I bought it (in 2009), where the Starboard (right) engine is slow to crank/start. Well, slower than the port engine. We would always start the port engine first, then the right engine would...
  11. L

    GTX DI battery ground cable help!!

    Hey guys, so I bought a pretty nice 2002 GTX DI last fall with a bad engine. I had the seadoo shop rebuild it and I'm currently installing it. I found a negative battery cable in the box of parts and can not figure out exactly where it goes. It has 2 holes at one end a single hole at the other...
  12. M

    1995 GTS Starting Issue

    New guy here.........I'm not an experienced Sea-Doo mechanic so I thought I'd ask here to save some time. I have a 95 GTS that starts sometimes but sometimes the starter just spins. Previous owner reached in a spun the flywheel by hand and then it starts with the switch a time or two. I noticed...
  13. M

    1997 GTX, tries to start when connecting battery

    Thanks to the members, great advice here. I've been lurking for too long, it's nice to be a member. So, I've got a 97 GTX. When I connect the battery it immediately tries to start. My battery was dead and I jumped it using my boat battery. The boat battery was in the driveway and not...
  14. FunInSun

    1995 Sea Doo SPX - Starter Starts When Connecting Battery

    I purchased this PWC earlier this summer. Over the course of a month the new battery appeared to get weaker, so I charged it. When I try to connect the battery cables, the starter kicks in and tries to start the engine. Even thought I am not touching the start/stop button on the handle bar...
  15. S

    1994 SeaDoo XP Turning over slow

    I have a 1994 SeaDoo XP that turns over very slowly with the plugs in, but extremely quickly with the plugs out. The battery is brand new We get 90 in one cylinder and 50 in the other (psi). The piston getting 50 psi has a ton of gashes on the piston and the head. I want to know if it is the...
  16. C

    1993 Sea-Doo SPX : Could use some help pinpointing the problem - (video)

    So I was given this old Sea-Doo, and am trying to get it running. I have cleaned out the old gas, cleaned the carburetor, put new spark plugs in it and got a new battery. Now when I go to start it, it sounds like the starter is bad but I am not 100% sure. I have taken a video to better...
  17. sethsmind

    Starter? 1996 GTX Video included

    Click below for video Starter ? 1996 Sea Doo GTX - YouTube This is the sound the ski makes when I press the start button. It will eventually start but it seems like the starter is not catching. Brand new battery installed as well.. The ski was re-built from top to bottom a little over a year...
  18. dan87951

    Making my own starter cables

    My positive and ground cables from my starter are rotted. I would like to make up new cables but don't know what lug sizes I need to buy. Does anyone know what lug size are needed? Thanks
  19. M

    Is my starter solenoid bad for my 2008 Seadoo Rxt-x?

    I just replaced my starter solenoid with a new one I ordered off Amazon (probably not the best choice). Every time I try starting my Seadoo all I get is a single tick which is the same problem from before.
  20. J

    1996 Seadoo GTi Wont turn off

    I am posting this to help the community, as I have just wrestled with an issue with my 1996 GTi where I could not kill the engine without choking it out. If your Seadoo will not shut down, will not turn off using the DESS post kill or STOP switch start here. With engine running, press the...