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    Sea Doo GTI SE possible phantom limp mode?

    Hi, I could really use some veteran/expert advice on this issues I've been having with my 2006 Seadoo GTI SE. I just bought this PWC about 3 weeks ago but it's had this problem since the first ride I took with it. It has 90 hours on it and the previous owner hadn't used it in 2 years prior to...
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    98 GSX limited intake grate broke need help finding parts

    so the intake grate broke I need to know what grate is a decent one for cheap also what is the black part called I need to replace that broke off the back where it bolts to shown in picture.
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    07 GTX Std starting issue

    I have a 2007 gtx std that is having an intermittent issue "waking up" the ECU when I place the lanyard on the DESS post. My first thought was that the DESS post and or lanyard were bad. I pinned out the wires from the DESS post at the connection under the front compartment and it ohms good...
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    2015 Sea Doo GTI 130 Issue Question?

    Hey Guys, I have a 2015 Sea Doo GTI 130 with only 50 hours. Yesterday I sucked up a tow rope but quickly realized and shut off the ski. I got under it on my lift, took off the intake grate, and removed the rope. Now that everything seems back to normal, my jet ski will not start? It was...
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    Fuse issues

    So last week I got my 2000 Sea Doo RX running fine. I was excited to test it out today but when I tried starting it a couple of times it wouldn't go (so close to turning on though). I decided to go get some starter fluid and try that. By the time I got back the dashboard was off, so I took the...
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    Seadoo GTX 155hp - Power issues

    Hi all, I have a 2002 seadoo GTX 4-tech 155hp. The ski goes well when there is one on it, however when there is weight on the ski (3 passengers) or towing a skier/boarder it really struggles. The engine revs fine but the ski tends to struggle a bit, if you keep the power down it does...
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    Left my drainage plug off!

    Hey there everyone, this is my first post although it's regrettably about an issue that I have encountered. I recently purchased a Sea-doo Spark 3up and was using it for the second time in the sea two days ago now. However when I took it to land and went to open up the drainage plug I noticed...
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    2009 Seadoo Speedster150 Help

    Having some trouble with my 2009 Seadoo Speedster 150 155hp. Recently sucked up a tarp that was under water in the Ohio River into the impeller. I continued to drive about one mile, around 5 miles per hour (because thats all the faster the boat would go) before it finally shut down and would not...
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    08 RXP 215 MAJOR issue. Help please!!!

    I bought my 08 215 supercharged rxp in January this yr with 43hrs. It was a repo unit. At 56hrs I noticed a loss of power at top end. That was the only issue. The next day when I started it, I noticed the supercharger sounded more high pitched. I took off, then backed off the throttle, got back...
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    BALLAST ISSUE - Port Ballast wont empty !!!

    Hi guys, I have a brand new 2012 Sea Doo wake 210. Put it in the water for the first time today. 5 km winds, flat water, everything working perfectly. First attempt to fill ballast, and the starboard and rear ballast filled to 100% no problem, as did the port side. Then I tried to empty...
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    Newbie 95 Seadoo GTX Acceleration issue - Thanks in advance!

    Hi there, I'm new :dupe: here and am having issues with my 1995 Seadoo GTX 3 seater. I'll try describe the best I can below. It runs fine and has for some time but when you go full throttle from start it guns and goes to take off with all its might then seems to choke, as though its not...
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    2002 gtx rfi issue with starting on water and bogging down

    Hi all, just after a bit of help with my seadoo gtx rfi 2002, basically when i have it out of the water on the trailer and run with the hose connected the ski starts and idles fine everytime , revs out to about 6900 rpm and sounds healthy, once i put it in the water sometimes it starts and...
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    A bed time story for you.. 99 GSX issues

    Hello everyone. I am writing this because of several reasons: So that my experiences will not be lost and maybe some out there, other than me, can learn from them. and besides that, I just need to ventilate and my girlfriend is sick of me talking about the Doo. In the spring of...
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    please help!!! 92 seadoo gtx electrical issue

    i have a 1992 seadoo gtx. heres the problem. the battery is having issues charging, so i opened the electrical box to check for fuses, and sure enough the 15 amp fuse to the charging system was blown. i replaced it, and plugged the battery back in, and imediatly it blew again!! i tried putting a...