1. T

    Impeller replacement

    I have a 2022 Seadoo GTX 170. Unfortunately one day a few weeks ago, there was very low tide conditions and some rocks/shells got sucked into the ski. Now at the end of the season I need to replace the impeller. I have a few questions regarding the replacement. 1) What type Loctite should be...
  2. ShipFaced

    2003 Sportster 4-Tec Impeller

    Can anyone confirm this impeller will fit the 2003 model? Solas will not return an email request. Thanks!! SR-CD-11/19
  3. poetbruce

    Impeller for 97 challenger

    Changed out wear ring, (bound up in impeller) found impeller to be worn enough to have good size gap between wear ring and impeller. Part number is 204160027. Any idea where I can get OEM for fair price?
  4. 1

    Help please! Cavitation issue

    Impeller and wear ring question: Last week I had a rock stuck between the shaft and the intake grate I have the original grate that opens. I was able to take it out from the intake grate and I thought I got lucky since it didn’t go through to the impeller. My boat is cavitating now and not...
  5. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  6. RahulK101

    Cavitation Issue - 2009 Speedster 200 Twin Supercharged

    Hi There, I noticed that when we are applying the throttle, the RPMs are very high (especially on the right engine). However, the speed remains low until the boat eventually planes out and catches itself. Approximately 195 hours on the boat. Supercharger rebuild was done 95 hours ago. 2009...
  7. V

    2003 GTX impeller boot not attached

    Just changed the wear ring on my ‘03 GTX (recently bought used, still finding my way around it). The green impeller boot/ring seems to just be sitting up against the impeller— there’s no threads or set screw or anything to keep it from sliding away from the impeller. What am I missing? My 2008...
  8. hyper82mustang

    whats interchacheable?

    just boughht this machine, looks great even sounds has no impeller or pump ass3embly, just drive shaft. my question is what years and makes are interchangeable, recommend new or used, where best place for new or used lol....its a 4strokes injection. i have a liceneced auto repair and...
  9. B

    Unknow plastic object wrapped around impeller

    Last summer we had something get stuck in one of our seadoos jet pump and we don’t know if it’s from the seadoo or if it’s something that was sucked up from the lake. We looked at the schematics and we did not see anything that looks like the remnants that where twisted up in the impeller...
  10. H

    2001 Sea-Doo Bombardier LRV Black Plastic Coming Out Impeller

    I got a 2001 Sea-Doo LRV from my father in law. It's been sitting under a shed for about 6 years or so. We cleaned the carburetors and hooked the water hose to it and got it cranked. When it cranked some black plastic that looks like some sort of liner came out of the impeller. Does anyone know...
  11. C

    1996 Seadoo SP Impeller

    Hey everyone! I just bought a new jet pump and impeller (jet pump was all parts included minus impeller) and went to put the new impeller on there and it is SUPER TIGHT. It will spin, but not freely. I tried my old impeller and it spun on and spun freely??? It was very easy to spin the old one...
  12. H

    Rock n' Roll.. What needs replacing?

    Hello all! So, I took in a rock on my 2018 Spark. Before I had a chance to kill the ski, it kicked the rock out. Obviously, I sustained damage. Wear ring obviously needs replacing, but I'm looking for opinions on the impeller and more importantly, the blades on the drive housing took some hits...
  13. Nick10201

    ‘03 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged RPM Issue

    I recently took my 03 GTX to the bahamas and on the way back it randomly made an awful screeching noise back aft and dropped in RPM and speed to zero from about 5000 rpm/ 30 mph. It immediately picked back up speed and RPM so I figured I sucked something up and it passed through. Fast forward...
  14. I

    Trouble finding compatible impeller. 2001 GTI

    I've gone through the stickied impeller guide and saw that the 155.5mm ST-CD 10/16 is the preferred impeller. I ordered it from Solas (Amazon) seen here. I was having some work done to the ski since I just bought it and took the impeller to the guy who said the impeller didn't fit at all. I...
  15. R

    2004 Utopia 205 Optimax Pump Refresh

    I am the original owner of a 2004 Utopia 205 with the 250hp Optimax. The pump has been cavitating for quite a while and pulling skiers is a challenge (not a lot of torq and lots of cavitation). I suspect that it's time for a rebuild. Doing a bit of research, there is not a replaceable wear...
  16. Now Bro

    Will sealing around ride plate help with cavitation?

    I'm in the process of replacing wear ring and possibly impeller. I'd appreciate any comments on sealing around ride plate to help with cavitation. Also, at what point should I consider replacing impeller? I can already see it's a bit nicked up.
  17. 3ftDeep

    How To Make an Impeller Jam Removal Tool for Personal Water Craft

    If you ride your personal water craft in weedy lakes or rivers with floating debris, you've got to have an impeller jam removal tool. In this how-to video we show you how to make this handy-dandy tool ...3ftDeep style!
  18. kashov

    Impeler-Wear Ring question

    Hi Guys, My RXT-X 2011 recently started not to run that fast in the low RPM's, it is something like your car on takes time till start running as it has to. I took a picture of the impeller and wear ring and need some advice if they (Wear ring and impeller) need t be replaced. Here...
  19. skyhighdiver

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP Uned 2 weeks end of season then took off when I sold the boat in spring. Came off my utopia 205 $200 or best offer it was 365.00 new Can email me and I will contact you as I dont always check the forum...
  20. skyhighdiver

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP Uned 2 weeks end of season then took off when I sold the boat in spring. Came off my utopia 205 $200 or best offer it was 365.00 new Can email me and I will contact you as I dont always check the forum...