2001 Sea-Doo Bombardier LRV Black Plastic Coming Out Impeller

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I got a 2001 Sea-Doo LRV from my father in law. It's been sitting under a shed for about 6 years or so. We cleaned the carburetors and hooked the water hose to it and got it cranked. When it cranked some black plastic that looks like some sort of liner came out of the impeller. Does anyone know what this is, what's the purpose of it, is it safe to run it, etc.? Thanks.


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The wear ring have been known to come apart like that. Especially after sitting dry for a long time. Inspect and replace the wear ring if necessary. Otherwise it will cavitate.

Also, if the fuel lines are still the original gray tempo lines, you need to replace them before running or you will have to clean the carbs again. Other places that may need attention is the fuel selector valve and water separator/filter. Remove any and all old fuel from the tank.
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