1. hawker

    GTi 130 - 2009 (Crankshaft Position Sensor Value)

    Hey guys! My engine stopped with the Crankshaft position sensor error code. I bought a new sensor, but the engine didn't start. The new sensor has 970Ω, is that right? I read somewhere that it should be somewhere between 190-300Ω. But now when I connect the key, there is a long beep and 5...
  2. S

    96 GTI jet pump bearing or crank bearing failure?

    A little backstory first. Earlier in the year I took the jetski out and near the end of the day could feel what I thought was jet pump cavitation. I would rev the ski and it would have problems reaching mid speeds and higher. I could hit max rpms, but the ski would just hit maybe half speed, as...
  3. J

    No fuel pressure :(

    Hey guys, picked up a 98 GTI from a buddy for the low price of free. Overall in good shape and after replacing the CDI and some exhaust parts, I have yet to get it in proper running order. I seem to be lacking vacuum in the fuel system. After cleaning the carb thoroughly and verifying all fuel...
  4. Riderrollin

    06 seadoo gti engine descale

    Picked up an 06 seadoo gti closed loop cooling system is full of I guess what one would call mineral deposits (white sand looking solid). COolant in the hoses is green, coolant in reserve tank is orangish color. Skit starts and rips across water over heats and enters limp mode back to shore. I...
  5. icemleton1

    1996 GTI beep never stops.

    1996 GTI. Pulled the ski out this spring and put the battery(on a tender all winter) in it. Bumped the starter to check it real quick. Come back out an hour later and hear a faint, steady beep coming from the ski. Put the dess on it and the tone gets louder. Only way to silence it is to unhook...
  6. Bowser

    1994 -1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover 277000260 - Purple

    eBay item number: 125936882973 SeaDoo 1994-1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover Fresh Water 277000260 - Purple Condition is used: The rubber is still bendy and intact all over. There is one tear on the surface, 1” in length, shown. There are two indents near the tear, shown. Color is...

    2001 gti rich/lean condition

    hello to all, i have a 2001 gti 720, with two issues im not quite sure how to gauge. This is a pretty gone through build light resto. Issue #1 engine bogs at 0-1/4 throttle until clear then takes off. I know its a rich condition for two reasons, if i pull choke it dies. Also i remove spring for...
  8. B

    1630 ACE 170 - Spark Plug Gapping and Anti-Seize

    Hey Team, Its finally time to take my ski's out of storage for the spring / summer and have 2 questions: 1) I've been doing the annual maintenance myself for a couple years with no issues, however, I have noticed 1 discrepancy between what the Sea-Doo Manual says, and what NGK says. NGK Spark...
  9. J

    2019 GTI suddenly stopped running

    I had three people on my GTI and was going about 45 kph when it suddenly stopped. We were well under the weight limit of 600 lb. I tried starting it up and the engine would turn over but not catch. After a few tries, it wouldn’t turn over anymore as if the battery was dead. I got towed home...
  10. RG123

    FOR SALE 50.00 +ship: BlackTip precut self adhesive traction mats, 96-02 GTX/97-00 GTI.

    Selling these NIB precut self adhesive black tip traction mats from Black Tip. Fits 96-02 GTX/97-00 GTI. Paid 130.00, but my family wanted something softer and less grippy. Will ship to continental US only. Thanks for looking!
  11. J

    2013 GTI 130 4tec stuck in limp

    Hey all! I have a 2013 gti and it’s been running great the last couple weeks. Yesterday i was running it quite hard, WOT most of the time jumping waves and stuff. About an hour into the ride it stopping going over idle speed. My gauges are shot (have a new one just need to install and get it...
  12. P

    Sea Doo GTI SE possible phantom limp mode?

    Hi, I could really use some veteran/expert advice on this issues I've been having with my 2006 Seadoo GTI SE. I just bought this PWC about 3 weeks ago but it's had this problem since the first ride I took with it. It has 90 hours on it and the previous owner hadn't used it in 2 years prior to...
  13. J

    2001 seadoo gti wont go past 30 mph

    I have a 2001 gti that starts, and idles perfect. It goes fine but seems low on power and won’t go faster than 30 mph and doesn’t seem to rev how it should. It has great compression, great spark and fuel, I just rebuilt the carb and didn’t make it any better. I was wondering if it’s something...
  14. S

    Options for aftermarket guards or rub rails for hood

    I have a 96 GTI. Have taken the ski out a few times and rubbed up against the dock a few times when the waves were strong. Was wondering if there are any options for product to spray that would protect or guards to cover the sides of the hood so I can protect the hood of the ski.
  15. S

    Carbs not feeding same amount of fuel

    I recently rebuilt both of my carbs for a 96 GTI with the OSDMarine kit that specifies no need to set popoff pressure (return to OEM kit i believe). At the time I rebuilt my carbs I thoroughly went through and cleaned everything. Yesterday, I started the engine fine by pouring a splash of gas...
  16. S

    Seadoo beeper continously beeps

    Have a 1996 GTI I've rebuilt alot on. I've replaced the buzzer and start switch with high quality options from I also replaced the info gauge from a reseller on ebay. All the multifunctions of the gauge work. I rebuilt the fuel baffle so gas level would show properly. Temperature...
  17. Czvas

    2004 GTI 717 single carb adjustments

    Hey everyone, I have a 2004 GTI 717 and I’m looking to make sure the high and low are set properly. The carb has these brass looking caps so I can’t get to the low and high. Are they under these caps and then able to adjust with a flat head? How do you remove the caps? My problem is it has no...
  18. H

    2011 gti 155 limited. Sputtering loss of power!FIXED!!

    Hi there first time poster. I just bought a 2011 GTI 155 limited with 72 hours. I didn’t do a water test but the seller started it up and let it run for a few minutes while on the water hose. It sounded great! Smooth idle…reved good. Seemed good! It was stored under a shed. He said he hadn’t...
  19. N

    2 Stroke Oil 2001 GTI Please help!

    Would this oil Suffice? for injector oil
  20. T

    Battery in GTI Limited 155

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2017 SeaDoo Limited GTI. I also own a 2015 GTX 155 and 2018 GTI SE 130. My GTX and GTI Limited calls for a 12V/ 30AH battery. My GTI SE calls for a 12V/ 18AH. The larger 30 AH battery fits in my GTX fine and the 18AH battery fits fine in the GTI SE and is the...