1. cwsink

    FOR SALE WANTED: 2006 RXT 215hp Engine

    I'm looking for a 215hp Rotax engine for Sea Doo RXT 2006. Engines from 2006 and newer should work. I have a good supercharger and a good ECM
  2. T

    1997 XP supercharger whine

    So, to just get it out of the way: Yes, I am very dumb, should have read the stickies, etc etc. With that out of the way, I'm looking for some assistance with a 1997 XP a friend recently purchased. After having just bought a non-running 1996 XP and finding it was gummed up and flooding due to...
  3. J

    Cracked water jacket

    Good Morning, I have a 1997 Sportster with the 717 engine. I bought the boat about a year ago, and knew it had a cracked water jacket due to not being winterized. I JB welded it as a short term fix and it seems like it is holding just fine. However, I want to fix it for the upcoming season. I...
  4. N

    2022 GTI SE 170 Engine Noise

    Hello, new here and have a question about my ski listed in title. I am currently 5.5 hours into my break in period and a new engine noise has emerged. After a full throttle stretch - maybe 4 seconds - releasing the throttle creates a louder, more “rattle” like engine sound that occurs shortly...
  5. P

    FOR SALE Seadoo Alignment, Carbon Seal Tool, Crank/Cam Locking Tools

    I have several Seadoo 1503 tools for sale. Also have floating ring tool and PTO support tool (never used), as well as cam and crank locking tools (used once). WSM Sea-Doo 1503 PTO Support Tool! This part meets or exceeds OEM specifications! Fits the applications listed below: Brand : WSM Item...
  6. T

    2007 Speedster starting problems.

    Thank you for clicking on this post! I have a 2007 Speed's 150 with 96 hours. I took it out for the first time this season in Georgia Had no problem starting the boat up - ran fine. Was able to put in gear and get started up to 4500 rpm and about 45 seconds after running I felt a loss of...
  7. H

    787 ugly under head surprise 98 speedster

    In my 1998 speedster the boat engine was not starting right, randomly shutting off, didn’t run right, stall at low rpm, had a vibration/rattling noise coming from back ,etc. I decided to do a full tuneup to see whats up (carbs, new filters, oil, head gaskets, peek inside to check pistons, plugs...
  8. K

    FOR SALE BUYING A 09 Sea-Doo gti 130 engine

    Hello, my name is Michael and I'm looking for anyone that has got a lightly used engine that fits a 2009 seadoo gti 130. My current engine with 1,156 hours lost oil pressure and with diagnosing it's the front cylinder and needs to be rebuilt. So hoping to save some money and time and just...
  9. E

    97 sea doo gtx engine not turning

    Hello everyone, I just bought a used sea doo and was wondering if my engine drive shaft should turn easy by hand cause its not. Well it turnes about a 1/4 inch side to side and thats it. Ive tried pb blaster in the spark plug holes for two days now and nothing has changed. Just seeing if there...
  10. H

    Hole in engine block! Need help - Seadoo RXP300rs

    Hi everyone! I was recently driving my Seadoo RXP300RS when it suddenly stopped. I opened up the engine compartment when I saw this (see picture), I do not have much clue about this but looks like a hole in the engine block of a kind. Wondering if this is something I can easily fix myself or if...
  11. PolarCelsius


    Welp, the ol' gal took a plunder, I would think it to be the grey tempo OEM fuel lines but could be something else. I hear a strange object being knocked around near the flywheel when turning the engine over MAG cylinder 60psi PTO cylinder 125psi (was 145) Turns over just fine and even runs too...
  12. C

    2002 RXDI - engine locked

    A guy gave me a RXDI with a locked up engine. I can’t decide whether to try and rebuild it, part it out, or forget about it. Any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated.
  13. Canadian Watchmaker

    2001 Challenger with twin Rotax engines?

    Hello, I am negotiating to buy a 2001 Challenger 1800. The owner is over 300 kilometres away, so I am asking a lot of questions before making the drive. He says the boat is driven by twin 160 hp Rotax engines - rebuilt 20 and 30 hours respectively. All my research shows that a 2001 Challenger...
  14. B

    2011 RXT X Blown Engine Help...74 hours!

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight on the issue I'm experiencing? 2011 RXT-X, with 74 hours runtime - Seasonally serviced at BRP dealers The unit was running, shut down, restarted and had an obvious knock in the engine. The unit was operated to get to shore approximately ¼ mile at idle...
  15. jkruer01

    New 1998 Challenger 1800 RPM Issues

    I just purchased a 1998 Challenger 1800. The left motor is fine and works great. The right engine has a couple of issues: It starts relatively easily but definitely requires more attempts and fiddling with the choke, etc to get it to start When cruising at 6,000 RPM the right engine will...
  16. RogerS

    Engine Rebuild Project

    Engine Rebuild Project experience I just want to share my experience how was to rebuilt my engine. I’m not a mechanic and never open a engine before... decide to do my rebuild by myself and alone with the only help from here (seadooforum) If you are married, dont try this at home! You may lose...
  17. R

    2015 Seadoo RXT260 Major engine problem- Oil in hull, water in oil

    Today I was riding around, all of the sudden oil pressure light goes on, check engine light goes on, ski went into limp mode and would only move ~5mph. Pulled the ski out and looked inside, milky liquid (oil and water mixed) spewed all over inside, looks like it was just spraying all around...
  18. A

    2003 GTI cutting out on water and having trouble starting back after

    Got a 2003 Seadoo GTI LE RFI from a friends family who had purchased new ones. It had undetermined issues, but had been garage kept whole out of the water and is physically in great shape. Recently installed a reman engine from SES. Also replaced the starter and starter relay, coolant temp...
  19. 2

    97 Seadoo 717 GTI Head Bolt Sheared Off

    One of the engine head bolts on my 717 has sheared off. This is the second bolt in the last three years. Im currently reading compressions of 130 front end and 120 back end. Should i be concerned? Or when I fix this issue will this have an effect on my compression? The bolt and low compression...
  20. YellowSeadoo2003

    Engine emissions details required

    Hello Everyone, I hope someone here can kindly help me? I need to know the engine emissions data for a 2011 Seadoo Speedster Boat (1 x Rotax 4-TEC supercharged 255bhp engine) Many thanks David.