drive shaft

  1. poetbruce

    drive shaft

    Hello, I have a 97 challenger and just bought a carbon seal replacement kit. The bellow that came with it is a lot softer than the old one. Can I use this one or return it for a firmer one? Thanks.
  2. T

    Large leak coming from drive shaft

    All, I took the pump off to replace the reverse lock nut and put it all back together. The issue I’m having is that when I put the pump back on and begin to tighten the nuts back onto the studs on the hull, as the pump starts to adjoin the drive shaft, it pushes the driveshaft toward the engine...
  3. C

    Drive shaft

    I hoping you guys can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong if anything is wrong at all. I’ve been working on a over haul on a 97 GSX I replaced the carbon seal and when I reinstall the drive shaft I have this little space between the impeller boot and the flange on the driveshaft I don’t know...
  4. K

    96 spx wear ring issue

    I just bought this ski. The wear ring is not chewed up and the propeller is the right number. It had a anti rattle cone, no water in the cone at all. It has a pretty big gap all around the propeller tho. And has in and out play on the shaft, like front to back. Towards th drivershaft and nose...
  5. B

    Sudden corrosion drive shaft on NEW Wake Pro

    Have a new Wake Pro 155, and keep it on a twin drive up dock in brackish water on the ICW, and have for the last 8 weeks or so. We also have a Yammy XVR that we keep on that dock. With brackish water, we are absolutely anal about our maintenance...flushing every day the skis are used. Yesterday...
  6. M

    Problems removing driveshaft 1996 Seadoo Challenger

    Purchased a 1996 Seadoo Challenger several years ago. Previous owner claimed drive shaft, and drivetrain components had been professionally replaced the previous year, and had service invoice supporting this claim. Used the boat several times that summer and it performed well. Early in the fall...
  7. blackwellchris2000

    98 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft Removal

    Ok, it has to be spring, because I'm here asking for help again lol. So we've managed to get the stainless ring back far enough to remove the c Clip. I won't tell you that the amount of literal blood, sweat, and expletives that went into this. On the port side, we were able to get it to go...
  8. F

    Impeller binding?

    I just installed a new drive shaft, impeller, carbon seal, drive shaft bumper, drive shaft, support ring , and wear ring.. as well as refurbishing the jet pump with a jet pump repair kit. in my 2007 4tec. I found that the impeller seems hard to turn by hand. And, the engine seems to struggling...
  9. blackwellchris2000

    1998 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft removal

    My buddy and I are trying to remove our wear rings and carbon rings to fix some cavitation issues that we've had the past couple of years. (actually found a rock the size of a golf ball in the impelller so thinking that might help a good bit too). So we've got the wear rings under control, but...
  10. S

    worn impeller splines

    So i recently rebuilt the top end of my 94 seadoo xp and just finished breaking it in. After tuning the carb I noticed the ski would not move and the was making a terrible noise.I instantly jumped off the boat and swam it back to shore. I took my jet pump and drive shaft out to realize my...
  11. I

    91 Seadoo GT wear ring question

    I know there are a bunch of wear ring posts but here goes: I am replacing my seal carrier and in the process of removing the components, I was inspecting my wear ring. It is a 91 GT. I can't tell if the wear ring had a lip or not. (I heard some have lips and some don't). The manual shows...
  12. P


    Hi, I have a 1996 Challenger.(787 - 800 single engine) I bought it in 09 and have never had it in the water. A pot head / lying ass Seadoo mechanic really screwed me up and over !!! (Did work on the side, not at dealership) Long story short the engine is now rebuilt (Not by 420 man). While...
  13. hollywoodbadguy1

    Water leaking out of drive shaft. In 1990 sp 587 rotax

    HAY EVERYONE. well i have one of the 2 90's running great. found the spark proublem on the other one put in the 38sbn carb got rid of the round one. took it out to the harbor and found water leaking out of the drive shaft behind the engine. im assuming i have to replace the seals? thanks for...
  14. Chips

    Using Rubber Fitting instead of "Protection Hose"/"Protective Boot" for Drive System

    I have a 1997 Speedster and can't get in time for this weekend, an OEM boot that covers the axle and connects to the carbon ring and hull insert. I am thinking my worn out boot is causing cavitation since I have tried every other area if potential issue for the problem. I am wondering if...
  15. L

    Need help getting pump out & drive shaft off

    Just bought 96 GTS that froze up 4yrs ago. Bearing at back of pump totally locked up and disintegrated. Drive shaft was locked. Shaft will turn now but can't get the pump off or the entire drive shaft off. As far as I can tell from the shop manual I have from my 93 model all the bolts are...