1. F

    97 Xp 787 Runs but won't start

    1997 Seadoo XP 800 carbureted I just rebuilt the top end of my 787, 120 psi on both cylinders. It has spark with fresh spark plugs It turns over when I click start but won't fire up, (with or without choke or throttle) When I pour fuel in the intake through the carbs and click start, it...
  2. TheGTIjetguy

    02 GTI Carb settings

    Hello All, Pulled apart the Carb on my 02 GTI 717 (Single Carb w/accel pump) for a quick cleaning. looked like someone had been in there before, so no idea if I can trust where it was set. High speed screw was all the way seated (0 turns) and plastic restrictor cap was on. That didn’t seem...
  3. S

    1996 seadoo gti bogging

    Hey everyone I picked up a 1996 seadoo gti, I rebuilt the jet pump, changed plugs, battery, all of the regular maintenance so that I knew when it was done. The ski was running great until about a week ago I was on the water and it was loosing power. I figured the only thing left I didn’t do was...
  4. Gdgough12

    97 Seadoo XP Carb... HELP ME FID THIS PART

    Anyone know where I can find this part for my carb!? Or a part #!?!? I was testing all of my injection ports and this one is dead I guess. Nothing will flow through it.
  5. Boshwash

    95 GTX bog and Carburetion Education

    Hey guys! I've got a few questions to start with and potentially more to follow. I have 1995 GTX thats been in my family since it was purchased new. It just got a remanufactured SBT engine that I installed, as well as the carbs rebuilt, which I also did. Took them to a semi-local shop to...
  6. V

    What carburator do i order!?!?!?

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Speedster with twin rotax motors. I have no clue what motor size they are, or what carbs to get. There are dual carbs on both motors. I need to replace the passanger side carbs. Are these 787, 717, 720...? Help me please lol. I need to know the correct carb size for mag and...
  7. V

    1998 Seadoo Speedster

    98 speedster with twin rotax. Starboard side motor runs fine. Port side will crank amd try to start, but as soon as it does, it cuts off. Pulled the carbs and cleaned them. It has sat for a while. Didn't have the best fuel in it on the last run either... Don't want to buy new carbs if i dont...
  8. N

    Need new carburetors for my 1998 Challanger 1800

    ]I have a beautiful 1998 Challenger 1800 it is sharp the engines have been completely rebuilt and are very crisp. I had to have the carburetors rebuilt and we ran into problems the bodies on the carburetors are shot and they're being told that I need new ones. Sea-Doo is discontinued the carbs...
  9. M

    Carb Rebuild

    Ok, first off I want to apologize for yet another question on setting pop off pressure on a Mikuni carb. I've searched this forum and many other places and can't seem to find consistent data. So hopefully I don't annoy anyone by raising this question again. BN38 carbs from 1995 GTX. Has 1.5...
  10. doberdann1019

    2 Throttle Cables?

    I just bought a 1997 Seadoo XP (my first jet ski) and I have been snooping around trying to figure everything out. I see that there looks to be a spare/extra throttle cable. It may not be a throttle cable, but looks like one and travels up to the steering column. It is looped around and zip tied...
  11. G

    Dad/Son Project - "New" 1992 XP

    Your awesome advice to get my 96 GTX running again got me motivated (bad rectifier causing it to bog down - for the last 5 years). I even used prior posts to fix my LCD InfoCenter (I can now see the gas level) and replace the buzzer with a unit from Floyd Bell. It's a blast having a working...
  12. R

    carb adjustment help and impeller help???

    I have a 97 sea doo xp and my rebuilt engine is about to come in next week. I need to break it in before i can go full throttle but to break it in i need to at least roughly adjust my cleaned carbs. can someone tell me what i need to do to tune my carbs with out the engine running so that i can...
  13. T

    Is this an electrical or fuel problem?

    Hi everyone.... I'm looking for some guidance if this sounds more like a fuel problem or electrical problem. Basically I have a Challenger 1800 with twin 787's. I purchased it used 3 years ago with 1 engine not working. I brought it to a dealership who said its an MPEM problem so I had...
  14. Q

    trouble starting in water

    Anyone know why the engine runs fine out of water, even with the purge line hooked up , the engine runs good. When I first put it in the water it starts and runs good ,BUT as soon as I shut it down while its in the water, like to change riders, the damn thing wont start. I can put it on...
  15. K

    951 Carb Settings

    Hi, 951 engine, carburetor adjustment The adjustment caps on the high speed screws are gone. I've looked in the manual for the adjustment settings but can't find it. I have the low speed settings. It seems like I remember 0 to 1/4 turn out (from full in position) for the high speeds...