97 Xp 787 Runs but won't start

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1997 Seadoo XP 800 carbureted

I just rebuilt the top end of my 787, 120 psi on both cylinders.

It has spark with fresh spark plugs

It turns over when I click start but won't fire up, (with or without choke or throttle)

When I pour fuel in the intake through the carbs and click start, it fires up and idles.
it revs up fine and doesn't die.
I have hooked it up to the hose and let it run and all seems fine.
Once it has run I can shut it off and restart it easily.
if it sits for more than a few minutes it won't startup again without another squirt of fuel in the intake.

Looking for advice on what the problem might be, hoping I don't need to rebuild the carbs completely.

120 psi seems low for a 787. It may start and run out of the water but will have difficulty under load.
Sounds like a fuel issue and low compression.

You had better rebuilt the carbs with Genuine Mikuni parts and serviced the fuel system with a new engine.